Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Porch Pickin: Saturday Night Slap Down by the 'Cocks

Wow - gotta say I didn't see that coming. Give it to the Cock's; they came out fired up and took no prisoners.  Georgia had an early opportunity to steal the Mo' from the crowd with that pick by Rambo and he let them steal it.  Bam!...TD.  Mitchell has a nice return out to the 50, Murray throws the batted ball pick.  Bam!...TD.  The Dawgs special teams get caught flat footed on the punt return and Bam!...TD.  10 minutes in and it was over.  At that point, their DC could just pin their ears back and tell their talented DL to go eat 'em up.  And that is exactly what they did.  Give them full credit, they got the early edge and took full advantage of it.  I wonder sometimes if we would/could do the same if the situation was reversed???.....

However, I don't think that same situation happens if the game is in Athens.  Those first 3 big plays coupled with their crowd, ESPN Gameday, etc created a perfect storm that the Dawgs could never get out of.  I don't think Bama would have survived it either.  This is not to say that the Gamecock's are not a very good team, nor that they don't deserve all the credit for the win.  They do.  End of story.

That said, South Carolina is not that much better than the Dawgs.  Better coached?.....now that's a damn good question.  Which really concerns me.  This game, the way it went and the outcome is eerily similar to the game with Alabama in 2008.  That game sent Georgia into a tail spin which I thought we had finally come out of.  Maybe not.  Only the next two games will tell.  If Georgia comes out and lays the wood to Kentucky and plays solid and beats the Gators, then I'll be on board that the game against the Cock's was just a fluke.  If they lose to Florida and lose badly, it's time to reconsider who we are at Georgia and where we should be.

As I've said before, all the ingredients are there for Georgia to be a premier Top 5 program:
- money
- tradition
- high schools loaded with talent
- best conference in the land
- tremendous fan base
- attractive stadium scene
- great college town
- highly rated university with flexible curriculum

If we come out flat and get hammered by the Gators, it will be time to start the search.  And that search should be a short drive 3.5 hours west of Atlanta...

Eagerly awaiting that next kickoff.


  1. Carolina will lose to LSU. Saturday night in Death Valley with The Hat. Forget it. Dawgs are that bad.

  2. Oh! that was so freaking game.. i dont like that! Amanda Vanderpool