Friday, September 14, 2012

Porch Pickin: The Take from the Zou

 What an exciting environment at the Zou last Saturday.  From all I hear and saw it looks like Missouri is gonna fit nicely into the kingdom.  Maybe not so much with that midwestern talent - but hey not every school is stacked with homecoming queens.  In time they'll trade in those hoodies and t-shirts and really distance themselves from the Jayhawks and Buckeye faithful. That goes for their football team too...which leads me to - that new age football is gonna beat someone in the East this year!  Mark my words, call it the Pick guarantee, but they'll upset one of the 3 remaining teams in the East that are contending for a trip to the Dome.  Call it a hunch, but i'm trending towards them beating the Cock's.  As you've read here before, I'm not too big on Connor Shaw or his backups and that offense.  Mizzu is gonna score points, can the Gamecocks match them?  Too bad that game is at Carolina.  Either way though, I see Missouri getting at least one big win in the East this inaugural season.

One last point from last Saturday's game.  Of course Jarvis Jones played like a freak and stole the show by making huge plays all night, but once again I gotta point to one of our favorites - Richard Samuel - for again making another major impact play on that fake punt. Shedding not one, but two blockers and throwing the guy down.  I would have hugged him too.  Much like that last drive against the Gators last season, dude's relentless effort plays a key role in helping his TEAM get the W.  Isaiah - did you see that?

Happy owl hunting!


P.S. the Red's are starting to pick up down here.
DickSamIV running around a gator
DickSamIV high steppin over a gator

DickSamIV a "damn beast"
DickSamIV running through Gators

DickSamIV mo' changer at the Zou

DickSamIV gets a hug

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