Wednesday, September 5, 2012

All in has no plan B

Samuel L Jackson, "Commit to the G" 
Ok, so we were kinda 2/3 in last weekend, maybe even 3/5 in perhaps. I was never great with fractions but anyone could tell you that last weekends game felt like we just figured we could walk out and cover the 37.5 points. I kinda figured Toothpick was gonna jinx us on that pick but He knows a thing or two about football so I kept my doubts to myself.
 I was unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, without a TV for the Buff's and had to listen to it on Satellite radio up in the Mountains.  My recollection was, it seemed like everytime I took a sip of an adult beverage, which was often, Murray was missing another deep ball, or Buffalo was driving the field on us.  3 sacks? Yep I think I heard that too.
Back to civilization and able to watch the replay; yes my powers of observation did not deceive me. It was seldom pretty, often ugly and frustrating to watch with very few exceptions. Going into the half it looked like we shoulda, you know maybe, come up with a Plan B or something. Were it not for Gurly's 100yard return of awesome sauce, it would have been an embarrassingly close 17-16 and a possible revocation of our SEC credentials.
Rather than dive into a rant or long winded rundown of the things that went wrong much like last years first game of the season, I'll just echo what@ BernieDawg said on the @Dawgcast this week.  "We've got one more W then we did this time last year."  Yes. I like that and I'll take that because its more than the BSU guys got their first week this year. (Everylittle thing helps to erase that memory) And I'm still more than bitter about that one.  We are 1-0 peeps and I'm sure that half the reason we played so pedestrian (again Gurly excluded) is that Richts had 'em all focused on the Mizzou game.

So here we go to ColaWest as it's recently begun to be referred to.  I hope we put an old man whoopin on those new guys and welcome them into the fold with a plain old boring W.  I love some of the "non" quotes our guys are giving this week in response to Missouri's Sheldon Richardsons "old man" comment. When asked about that one, Tavarres Kings response was a calm and calculated. ".. There's no point in that. I don't see the satisfaction you get out of talking trash -- today."   This means we can look forward to some more honest responses from @TKUnoDos after the game!

 Are you making the trip? Would love to get your gameday pictures of the scene in Columbia, hit me up at @displaceddawg or @bulldoginexile.

Oh and awesome video by the way right?

From the Territories I am, Displaced Dawg

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