Thursday, September 6, 2012

A (former) Bulldog in Exile's Guide to Driving to Columbia, MO

With many Dawg fans making the trip to Columbia, it seemed appropriate for me to share some of the knowledge gained from making the vast majority of that drive many, many, many times.

(H/t Granite at The Grit Tree)
I've done the vast majority of the drive from Athens to Columbia. The way to Champaign from home is the route above, but heading further north on I-59 from Mt. Vernon, Il.  I've also made the drive from Mt. Vernon to Columbia a few times.

Let me share some knowledge:

One: Get gas in Paducah. Gas prices in Illinois average about 25 cents/gallon more than in Kentucky.
Two: Don't speed in Illinois or Missouri, especially in work zones.
Three: There will be plenty of work zones. Lewis was right, there are two seasons in Illinois: summer and road construction. At the end of summer, all of the projects that languished in April, May and June are being pushed to finish by first frost, which will happen approximately next week. Really.
Four: Get lunch at The Catfish House in Smyna, TN (exit 66B off I-24) if at all possible. They open at 11am Central.
Five: The don't leave St. Charles, MO without gas. There ain't none until Columbia.
Six: The best gas prices on the drive will be in Clarkesville, TN.
Seven: There are no Waffle Houses from Paducah until you get to St. Louis. Plan accordingly.
Eight: The worse part of the drive will be from Chattanooga to Mount Eagle.
Nine: The speed limit is a suggestion in Kentucky. Locals are at least 15 mph below it and in the left lane.
Ten: If you need cigarettes, wait until you get west of St. Louis. Every exit has an outlet.  If you have to smoke while you eat, Kentucky is your place.

Bonus: Patti's 1843 (or whatever) Settlement just inside Illinois on I-24 is a tourist trap. Don't stop.

Have fun and go Dawgs!


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