Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where Are They Now Edition 1

Ah yes, the golden years of Jim Donnan, who could forget those average to slightly above average years.
All the promise of better days without, you know...the better days.  Hell if you lived through the Goff years you'd have taken just about any coach by then. And why not the man at the helm of the Thundering Herd?
Jim Donnan, you patronized and belitted our beloved Loran, you put faith in one Quincy Carter, who a kool-aid drinkin friend once told me was the next Doug Williams.  but hey old friend, I can't seem to find Doug Williams mug shot on the interwebs can I?
So in a new segment on the bulldawg in exile blog we take a look back and ask..Where are they now?

Totally a Doug Williams type

With the Web ablaze in the news of Jim Donnans $80million dollar fine for his involvement in a ponzi scheme; and details of how he screwed over fellow broadcasters, coaches and even former PLAYERS, my mind cant help but think of Quincy and what jail cell TV hes watching all this on.  So lets go back in time and learn about the man that Jim Donnan put in charge of our Offense for 3 seasons. 
From From Taking Bad Schotz : Lavonya Quintelle “Quincy” Carter was born and raised in Decatur, Georgia. He went to Southwest DeKalb High School and won the state championship.   On top of Football, Carter also happened to be a star baseball player and was drafted 52nd overall by the Chicago Cubs in the 1996 MLB Draft.  Carter gave up on his <.250 MLB dreams and went to play football for the Georgia Bulldogs (originally signed with Georgia Tech before draft). As a standing Freshman he won the starting job, and threw for 12 touchdowns, completing 60.7% of his passes.. As a Sophomore, Quincy had his best season with 2,713 yards and 22 total touchdowns. The next year in a shortened season the 6-2 QB threw only 6 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Regardless he entered the 2001 NFL Draft.
With the 53rd overall pick ) the Dallas Cowboys selected Mr. Carter. Somehow Carter stole the spot from the flawless Ryan Leaf. Carter started 8 games (going 3-5) while battling through injuries, and managed to throw 5 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. The next season Carter ended up losing his job to Chad Hutchinson, but still ended up starting 7 games where he threw 7 touchdowns and 8 picks.
The next season, Carter started all 16 games. He threw career highs 3,302 yards, 17 touchdowns, and 21 interceptions (he also had 10 fumbles). Somehow the Cowboys went 10-6 that season. Carter was released the next season however and signed with the New York Jets. In 2004 Quincy would relapse on drugs and be diagnosed with a bipolar disorder and released. In 2006 he signed with the Montreal Alouettes, but was released a month later for his drug problem. Surprisingly, later that year he would be arrested for drug possession in Texas. In 2007 Carter signed with the Bossier-Shreveport Battle Wings and was the starting quarterback until he got caught with drug possession once again. In 2002 Carter went to the AFL and played for the Kansas City Brigade, and finally had no problems, but was later released. In 2009 he signed with the Abilene Ruff Riders (indoor football league) but was arrested for a DWI. Finally, in 2010 he was  arrested for beating up (punching and choking) his girlfriend after she criticized him for always being drunk.
Better days for our dynamic duo
For any of you around for the Donnan and Carter days at UGA the whole era had a gamecocky vibe to it. Do you know what I mean?  A subpar QB who we all wanted to be a bigger deal than he actually was, a coach who we wanted to like but really couldn't get behind and a cloud over the program that made everything feel like we were, an uglier, less classy version of our former selves.
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