Thursday, August 30, 2012

Porch Pickin: Vandalized

Today from toothpick:


Judging from the neighborhood my bookie lives in, it's probably not a great idea to put much stock in my college game day picks. But....I just gotta sneaky feeling Vandy might just be poised to put the Cocks behind the 8 ball on opening weekend. I'm not a big believer in Joe Cox II (Connor Shaw) and I see the biggest set back to the Gamecocks this year will be losing DC Ellis Johnson. Sure the Gamecocks have had decent success the past few years, but really when was it that the Offense was the factor. It's been their confusing schemes on D that has lead the way along with the ground and pound running game with Lattimore. Yep, the guy with one knee. I'm not suggesting to bet the house here, but I see Vandy covering the 6.5 and maybe, just maybe pulling off the upset. What about you? Who do you see pulling off the Week 1 upset?

And now - the lock of the week! Let me first say that I never, ever, ever bet on the Dawgs but the 37.5 spread is just sitting out there for the taking. Picture it this're finishing up that last bbq sandwich with another Natty Light as the clock closes out and LeMay tossing for his 2nd TD of the afternoon. What does the scoreboard read to you? Me, I see about 55-7.

Lastly, the big question out there is who's gonna be the breakout RB? I said it last year before the season started that Boo Malcome might just be the back we need. A good tough runner with decent speed. I still think he'll be solid this season, but may just get out classed by the youngsters on Saturday. Who do you think ends the day with the most rushing yards? 'Pick says:
1) Marshall (takes one 70 yards to the house)
2) Malcome
3) Gurley

I'm out - 'Pick


  1. Thanks for the insight on Vandy. Always good to start off the weekend UP! Gurley's my pick.

  2. You called it with Vandy. They left 10 points on the table. Refs helped uSC with the no call.