Thursday, August 16, 2012

Keep Your Foot on the Gas Pedal... that's the long vertical one on the right.

Be honest, at the 6 second mark you're saying to yourself, or maybe out loud,
"dude what are you doing??!"

 ESPNU replayed last years Outback Bowl last night.  I, like you, knew the final outcome: a loss in triple OT, but in some deep dark need for self flagellation, I watched anyway.  And if you're anything like I am when I watch these games when I know we are going to lose, there is still this small part of me that thinks "this time it might be different" I actually cheer for history to be revised; hoping against all odds Murray doesn't throw that pick, or they don't drive the field in 1:50 to tie it up.

The game wasn't over until 1am my time out here in the territories and at about 12:50 my wife wakes up, sees the TV and the score, looks back at me, shakes her head in disgust or pity and rolls back over to go to sleep, leaving me alone with the hope of wanting the Dawgs to win it this time and the shame of knowing they won't.  But I digress. To me last years Outback Bowl kinda epitomized the whole take your foot off the gas meme that played anytime we built a lead last season. Complacency creeps into the players; conservatism creeps into the coaches. Its like once we went up 16 -0 and ESPN flashed the graphic that we had never lost to Sparty. It was a foregone conclusion that we would win this one too.

 I hope this year we don't get complacent with small leads. I hope we keep our foot on our opponents throat for 60 minutes.  We've got the schedule to get us back to Atlanta this December for sure. Every NC team along the way has had help one way or another, and our schedule is ours. We shouldn't make apologies for it.  With a full season under our belts at that time, a defense that even a former gator described as "the perfect storm", a backfield full of depth, plus the lessons learned from last years second half....well shoot ya'll... I like our chances a whole lot.
So Bobo, Richt, as the great Jerry Reid once sang (and apologies to the great Jerry Reid)
 " Keep your foot hard on the pedal, son never mind them brakes.  Let it all hang out 'cuz we got an SEC trophy to take. Dawgnation wants redemption in Atlanta, against those cajuns in Louisiana  so you gotta bring it back no matter what it takes!


  1. I like to call it Turtle Mode led by Coach Turtle himself

  2. I am always waiting for that play where the guy runs it back but drops it right before the end zone because he thought it was in and then someone picks it up and takes it all the way back. Checkout Amanda