Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Porch Pickin: Burned Lottery Ticket

Burned Lottery Ticket

I'm quite sure not too many folks are surprised to hear that Isaiah Crowell will no longer be toting the rock for Georgia. In fact, almost everyone I talked to after his suspension for the NM State game last year thought he'd never make it to his Jr season. Combine UGA's drug policy and his brief history - let's just say it was a safe bet that IC was destined for a short career in Athens. Which is really unfortunate. I don't pretend to understand what life is like for kids from his background. I haven't lived it nor do I know many folks that have. That said, these kids are given the opportunity of a lifetime to better themselves and their families for generations. If IC had went on to play four years and was merely a solid RB, never making it to the next level, he would have forever been a running back at the University of Georgia. That may not lead to the Power Ball winnings and fame of NFL riches, but it's damn sure better than a scratch-off ticket!

'Pick - what the heck are you talking about? ...Well, read these two stat lines and let your memory from the game tell the story:

1) Isaiah Crowell, former UGA running back, 2011 Georgia/Florida game:
Stats - ran for 81 yards, long of 22, 4.5 per carry and 0 TD

2) Richard Samuel, UGA Running Back, 2011 Georgia/Florida game:
Stats - ran for 58 yards, long of 9, 3.4 per carry and 1 TD

I made this statement back then and it's been proven true again today. One's a future tailgate story legend. The other is just another in a line of many that makes you shake your head and say damn! - what could've been.

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  1. Addition by subtraction. Great insight Pick. Loved Samuel in the 4th quarter against the Gators. He's the essence of team player