Sunday, February 12, 2012

Porch Pickin: You heard it here first... Grantham's Next Gig is.....

Today from Toothpick:  Coach Grantham's next gig.

While taking a few pulls off a handle of bourbon a couple weekends back, a gator buddy of mine said he heard that Coach Grantham's name was being mentioned for Rutgers to replace Schiano.  Choking on the cigar smoke and laughing...I said, "Shoot! - he's no dummy. He's locked in in Athens....and if he's smart, for many more years to come".

how would things have been different if Erk got the call in 89"
No I don't have a friend "inside the program", but I don't think it takes an insider or a crystal ball to see it.  My bet is Grantham will or has discussed the idea that in about 5 years Coach Richt will be moving on to other endeavors outside of football.  Richt ain't coaching for another 15 years.  If Grantham's Junkyard D continues to improve and dominate, and there is no reason to think it won't, he'll be nicely positioned to grab the Head Coach job.  And the fans would be all in with that one.  Call it revenge for Erk not getting the job in '89.

Sure Grantham probably wants a head job sooner, but he's smart enough to realize the tremendous resources that come with the job in Athens.  Just to name a few:

1. 3rd or 4th best state in the country for blue chip high school talent
2. top 5 most profitable athletic department in the country
3. top 10 program for fan support (don't under estimate that in coaching vacancies)
4. great college town with much more to offer than just Saturdays in the fall
5. member of the kingdom (that's the SEC for you Big 10 folks)
6. tradition rich program with long history of winning
7. storied rivalries
8. one of the greatest stadiums in all of football

Sure I know all this exists now for Richt too, but that's why he took this job and not the many others that were offered to him.  If you remember back in 2001 when he took the job, Richt said it was time to "blow the lid off this program".  And while it hasn't quite reached the pinnacle yet, I'd say he's done a solid job getting the Dawgs right to the cusp.  Personally, I think Richt will hold up a crystal football one day.  And when he does, while we're celebrating on Bourbon Street, he'll be handing over the keys to Coach G.

So anyway, back to my conversation on the porch a few weekends back.  After I finished up with these same thoughts on why Grantham is not taking the Rutgers job.....may gator buddy said...."You might be right, Georgia's a sleeping giant".

All the ingredients are there.  We just need to have the right mix of cooks in the kitchen....and I think they're in Athens now.  Like I said, he's no dummy.  Coach Grantham sees all this too.



  1. I sincerely hope that Grantham was sincere when he stated that he had found a home at UGA. He is about to surpass the D coordinator salary that he would be getting at Dallas and sees that the money for D coordinator is here to keep him in the future, HC job or no HC job. I hope Bobo, Granthem and Richt will be together for some time and reverse the leaving-for-higher-pay trend among college coaches.

    Popularity among fans is not an indication of what a coach can do when faced with the myriad of administrative jobs and speechifying to TD Clubs that comes with the HC job. Pushing for Richt to go and be replaced by Grantham is a pig in the poke right now. Let's be patient and see how things play out before rearranging the furniture. While pushing Grantham this early is complimentary to him, we are slighting all others that may be ready to take the reins in ----- years.

  2. Giving the problems that all of the speculation about the coaching staff created for this year's recruiting class, I would suggest that you keep this kind of stuff to yourself. If something does happen, we'll know soon enough. Your opinion is insignificant to the Buldog nation. I would hope that Nkemdiche doesn't read this ridiculous post.

  3. Anonymous
    Cant think there's any harm in speculating what might happen in the next 5 or 10 years. Just a conversation between friends. You're right about one thing, this blog is insignificant to the bulldog nation and thus not really worth getting so fired up about.
    Personally I hope Richt stays at Georgia until he's decided to call it quits. When that day comes, based on the last two years and the recent success of coaches with defensive backgrounds, Grantham looks like a worthy successor. One I think would provide some continuity and build on Richts legacy. Of course lots of things could change in these types of timeframes, but in these slow news days its fun to try and look out over the horizon for what might be in our future.
    Nkemdiche, if youre reading, and trust me theres fat chance of that, please don't let a back porch bourbon fueled discussion scare you away from the greatest University on the planet.

  4. From Toothpick:
    Dont misread me, I have absolute full support for Richt through the day he chooses to hang it up. The point is I see Grantham staying for the long haul and taking over one day down the road rather than jumping at a mid-level program opportunity that comes knocking.

  5. UGA couldn't ask for a better transition that that. If the DAWGS can stay right up there for a few solid years and even better, bring home the trophy, CMR would probably retire in 4-5 years and Coach Grantham could slip right in. It would be, I think, almost a seamless transaction.