Friday, January 27, 2012

I cant believe you asked me that damn question.

Who among us can forget those words spoken by accused  ponzi schemer and bankrupt former coach Jim Donnan. Back when Inside Georgia Football was hosted by Loran Smith the questions came fast and furious.
After several players suffered cramps before and after half time ol' Loran wanted to know... "Coach, can you tell us why the players were cramping up on the sidelines.." A clearly perturbed Jim Donnan paused and responded, " I cant believe you asked me that damn question..." and we all knew that instant that we weren't dealing with a Ray Goff type anymore.

I recall at the time people took sides on this one, you had your Loran supporters claiming Donnan was a bully, and you had your Donnan supporters claiming Loran asked another stupid question and it was high time someone called him out on it. Some even suggest that it was these exchanges which contributed to Donnans release and not his subpar performance as a coach: 

"However, the main reason Donnan was canned at that point in time, all had to do with his dislike and unwillingness to get along with Loran Smith Anybody who listened to the post game radio shows heard the short, curt answers that he gave Smith, with the attitude that Smith’s questions were dumb and he was above having to put up with them.  And of course there was at least one time that he was so upset with Loran’s questions that he refused to talk to him and stormed off."

Well those siding with Loren on this one are probably better judges of character.  We all saw the news about Donnans Ponzi scheme last year, but more info is coming out that sheds a little more light on JD's character.
and his role in the scheme which ultimately led him to file bankruptcy.

Damn Jim, leukemia patients and former players who saw you as a father? Sounds pretty heartless.  I bet he cant believe the questions he gets asked these days.
not the best of years for our beloved Dawgs
but Quincy is a whole other story

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