Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Porch Pickin: SEC fatigue

Have PAC 12 or B1G or BIG 12 friends? Are they tired of the SEC always winning BCS championships? Offer them this little reassurance; I guarantee an SEC team will lose the bcs championship this year.

If that is of no comfort then
have them read todays contribution from Toothpick:

Seems in recent years around this time, the words 'SEC Fatigue' get thrown out there. For those that are new to this term, the diagnosis reads something like: Someone that's tired and angry that their favorite teams keep getting bitch-slapped year end/year out by members of the Kingdom. Recognizable symptoms include:

- Grasping for reasons to contradict the obvious - like but Bama didn't beat anybody or Oklahoma State's a conference champ* and only has 1 loss or what about Houston?
- Thinking aloud that the SEC's success is "media driven".....well, there's a few reasons Tom Brady is in TV and magazines and not Jeff George. I believe it's called success and marketability.
- A nervous/anxious feeling late Friday night that subsides on Sunday's around 1pm....or in more severe cases, the 2nd week in January.
- Often complains that the bowl system sucks - not realizing that this 'fatigue' would be worse in a playoff system. Shoot - they'd have to open a Clinic if a playoff comes about.

If this sounds like you, the way I see it you've got two choices:

1) Keep those blinders on, grab another cheese steak or brat, buy stock in Tums and go kiss your ugly girlfriend on her neck tattoo.


2) Feel the SEC Pride, grab a handle of Kentucky's finest, throw on an affiliated members Polo Shirt and go date the Homecoming Queen.

Best Wishes

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  1. classic stuff from toothpick. thanks for that. It will go on my facebook page immediately. i may even cut and paste it to that waste of a blog, that t kyle king puts out where mostly what they do is shine on one another for their godly insight into dawg world.Come to think oif it i will pu it on OBNUG as well.