Tuesday, November 1, 2011

From ToothPick: Richard Samuel Damn Good Dawg

Toothpick made it back from Jax and has recovered from his victory fueled celebration.  Toothpick for those of you who don't know is a lifelong friend of mine who I met during my days at UGA. Pick moved to Savannah a few years after he got married and most weekend  nights he sits on his back porch sippin bourbon and making recordings of the crickets that he sends to me so that I can fall asleep at night out here in the territories. Pick has thoughts about football, he writes 'em down and I serve 'em up...Today the subject is one Richard Samuel IV, apparently our only back who didn't fail a drug test last week...

From Pick:
It goes without saying that it's always great to walk out of Jax with the W.  Georgia-Florida.  If you've been there, you know that just those two words say it all.  You just can't top that scene anywhere in college football.  You folks in the Big 12 can have your big JV game crossing the Red River.  Go grab a giant turkey leg why don't ya.  We'll take the Cocktail Party.
The biggest thing from this game came to me while reading the Sunday paper.  It's a quote from Samuel IV and I'm hoping that Crowell can pick up on his quote and how he ran the ball in those final drives.  He demonstrated the essence of the saying:  TEAM-me .  We all know that IC has loads of talent and he's played very well for the Dawgs.  But to be a legend, you gotta dig deep when it's on the line.  On that final first down run that sealed the deal (and busted his ankle), Samuel added his name to future tailgate stories and became a Legend.
Thankyou Mr. Samuel.  Your Legacy is now cemented.
This taken from Chris White's article in the Banner-Herald talking about toting the rock for the final TD:
“I can’t remember much about it,” Samuel said. “I was just thinking, ‘Get the ball and run hard.’
“Then I thought, ‘Richard, you finally did something to where the team can really benefit from it.’ That was all I was thinking the whole time.”


  1. to bad hes injured for the rest of the season and crowell and thomas are suspended this weekend

  2. I totally agree. RS4 landed on the DAWGBEAST list this week for his efforts. DGD.

  3. What an effort by Samuel with the game on the line! He looked like a throw-back of hard running UGA backs of the past. DGD indeed!