Friday, October 28, 2011

Picks Take

In my continued slackerness my good friend toothpick is stepping in again to fill the void. Pick pipes in this week with some thoughts on this weeks games against those gaturds.

Well it's time for the pilgrimage to Jax and our annual whooping at the hands of the Gators. I always love the trip to St Simons and the pregame energy....but it's usually over after kickoff and that road trip back up I-95N makes me sick. I'm about 50/50 on our chances this weekend and will be until the clock strikes 0:00 and we've got a 1 point lead. Can the Dawgs win, absolutely. Will they?.....

I've got a Gator buddy trying to sell me on his Gators suck and we should kill them. I ain't buying it. As Coach Richt has said, flip the schedules and it's probably the same the other way. I've got another buddy (from above the Mason-Dixon line) that is already saying if favored Georgia loses - it's Coaching. As I told him, Coach's coach, Players play..........

elcome back 'Tree! Though the inside backers have played solid in his absence, they are not the "playmakers" that we've seen and heard Alec Ogletree can be. With the loss of playing time, yet fresh legs and energy to get back on the field, I see 'Tree having a big impact in this game containing the quick Gator RB's, a sack or two and maybe a big pick to seal the deal. A big game from 'Tree just might equal a W for the Dawgs.

Lastly - alright Aaron Murray....we understand you've got High School buddies that went to Florida State and you went down to check out a game. No problem, off weekend, go see some football, hang out with da boys and check out the 'talent' in Tallahassee. But dude - you're the QB at Georgia. You don't wear another teams colors. Sure Peyton Manning was cheering for Eli in the Super Bowl.....but he wasn't wearing a damn Giant's hat was he? Com'on Man! If you play big Saturday in Jax and the Dawgs get the win - all may be forgotten. But despite your comments to the contrary....wearing a FSU shirt while posing with a shirtless, juiced up dude is "Stupid". Let's hope you left those mental mistakes in Tallahassee...

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  1. Really good insights here, I look forward to reading more! :)