Monday, October 10, 2011

From the "Getting Way Too Ahead of Ourselves" Department

Listen, despite this entry, believe me, the only thing I think we need to be worried about as a fanbase is the next game.  Vandy.  Period.  Any other talk is bad karma. Usually I'm the first one to shut that kind of looking ahead down when I hear it.  Don't get me wrong, while I'm not going to offer up another game recap (I've read about a million of them since Satruday night) I will say I'm still encouraged with what we're getting out of our dawgs. The D is absolutely playing lights out, and the "dream team" is playing an enormous role in our offense already.  Two true freshmen playmakers are better than most of us could have hoped for this summer out of even that bunch.  To have the kind of talent like that to come in and immediately make a contribution is huge. A legitimate running threat and 3 time freshman of the week whose very presence helps opens up our play action and a wideout that has already drawn comparisons to one AJ Green? The future does indeed look bright or at least brighter.

So its hard not to look ahead and think of the scenarios and potential matchups and I get it.  I'm guilty of it too. But those around me drag me into it as the single SEC/ Georgia fan they have to bounce their thoughts off of. Every time I get out of it, they pull me back in. You'd think that living out here it would be easier to just put your head down and take it game by game and not get into such ridiculous discussion.  I don't have a group of likeminded GA fans to hang with and debate these scenarios.  But there is a certain fan base out this a way, that really really needs us to boost their very suspect SOS.  I'm talking of course about the bronco village. So instead of looking ahead with friends, I have to play look ahead and "what ifs" with Smurfs.   From my recent experience  every BSU fan is a true GA fan the rest of the way let me tell you.  And there is nothing they would like more than to have Georgia not only go to the SEC championship game but win it all so they can claim at least one quality victory on that mushy schedule of theirs. To this end they have impressively  learned and memorized the teams from east / west divisions. They can recite the tie scenarios and the criteria to break any said tie at the end. Since their games are never close and result in nothing to talk about, their conversations are instead about who's beating whom in the top 25 and beyond. Who had quality wins; bad wins;bad loses and quality loses; how they can climb the polls and what needs to happen to make the guys ahead of them fall.  They know the mathematical equations behind the BCS and they all seem to be invested in SEC football.  I even overheard some of them saying just how "tough it is to play in the SEC".  The very argument they all love to hate when it comes from me has become a battle cry for their strength of schedule. This is all to serve their ego and their own SOS of course, and it puts me in the strange position of continually downplaying the significance of their victory over my beloved dawgs, but maybe some of this knowledge will stick with them after this season has been written to history.

Because of this vested interest in how Georgia does every weekend, I get approached by the normal cadre of  Boise State fans who really really wants us to run the table.  This is all hard to stomach by the way...To have what you've always looked at as your little brother offering words of encouragement is a flip of the table that I've still not gotten comfortable with.  Especially during games with tweets or texts like:
"Georgia can do it, tell them to hunker down" 
"They r looking better each week"  
"keep your chin up, a win is a win"  
"Your D looks awesome, that really helps Kellens Heisman chances...thankyou"  
"I know how u feel about getting conservative, we only won 50 to 10 this week" 
Coming from a BSU fan this is patronizing and insulting, but such is my life out here.  Last week even the freakin  GARBAGE MAN decided to offer his words of encouragement on a BFI service notice that he taped to my read..." GO BSU! please keep winning your games bullpuppies"
(I will offer my response to him this Friday, suggestions are welcome)
So, where am I going with this?
BSU wants us to win the east, and they want us to upset ALA or LSU in the SECCG. They can then claim to be better than every team in the SEC and I know I'll undoubtedly hear that a million times. They will have a quality win to hang their hats on. Some of these BSU fans say its their only hope for getting to the the BCS title game.  They are right, it is their only hope, But that's all it is:  hope. There is no way having one strong win would catapult them into 2nd and earn them a spot ahead of a one loss ALA, LSU, OK, or Wisconsin. To their credit, most admit this.  BSU to the BCSCG is not happening and its not what I'm worried about in this ridiculous scenario.  What does get me thinking, and what does get me worried about this hypothetical turn of events you ask?  Well, you know what else a Georgia upset in the Dome in Dec would potentially do?  Georgia winning the SEC means SEC probably doesn't get to play for another National Title this year.  Then we become "that guy".... The guy that stopped the streak.

Ok, so you might be thinking.."well even if Oklahoma and the Badgers go undefeated the rest of the way a one loss Ala/LSU might remain in the top 2 thus saving your precious streak."  And that's certainly a possibility. So then, the utterly ridiculous look ahead scenario 2:  the SEC champ ranked lower than SEC runner-up who then goes to and wins BCS national Title. Is this even possible?  Wouldn't an SEC championship be kind of empty?  Wouldn't that weaken the catapulting power of the SECCG? Either way, it wouldn't carry the same glory for me.   Isn't it all so ugly?
Have I been breathing the desert air for too long?  What say you?  Would you want to be the guy who ends this unprecedented streak of National Championships for our conference?  Would you want to win the SEC as one of  the lowest ranked SEC teams to do so?  Upsetting the natural balance of the College football universe by NOT having the SEC champion in the BCS title game? NO I don' there I said it.  I don't want a asterisk by anything when we win it. (whenever that is) Not a loss to BSU on the schedule, not a "yeah but LSU/ALA really should have won it", nothing. I want to run the table from start to finish and bask in the glory of an undefeated season and championship like we deserve. Our conference brothers would point to this as the year Georgia hurt the SEC. The year that the dawgs interrupted/broke the streak or made a mess of the game. The asterisk to the SECCG winner playing for the BCS title.  No sir, I do not want that. And its easy to say when you know in your heart this is not something you have to worry about.  So lets get back to reality and its a better place to be, my head suddenly stops hurting; my stomach now settled...... Georgia is not good enough this year to pull off that upset even if we got there. I still think that despite the strong improvement since game one,  there is probably a loss or two left on our schedule.  No need to worry about any SECCG this year and breaking the streak.
Nope; better that Alabama make it 6 for the SEC this year, then we make it 7 next year.. How's that for looking ahead?


  1. Are you crazy? I want UGA to win every game no matter what. If it works out that the BCS doesn't put an SEC team in the title game, then so be it. No one will put an asterick anywhere. the bottom line will be UGA won the SEC and put a big trophy in our case. If it's Bama or LSU, and we beat them then shame on them for not finishing the drill. You just want to tell all the Boise fans that the SEC is still king. Guess what? I live in Gator country; and I want to beat them in Jax and rub an SEC trophy in their face. I'm sick of them winning and rubbing it in my face.

    I get where you're coming from; but I don't want the Dawgs to ever lose a game just to benefit another SEC team!!
    Don't worry, Boise isn't getting in the big game. You can't beat one team and play for the title.

  2. Thought about this very thing today. My answer is - abso-freakin'-lutely do I want UGA to win out...ALL THE WAY OUT.

    I want my SECCG win. National Championship streak be damned.

  3. Very well put David. I would love to be David to either LSU or or Alabama's Goliath. We can worry about next year next year. I am not an "SEC" guy I am a Georgia guy. Any other SEC team winning it does not help UGA in any way. If it is Alabama it hurts us because of the number of recruits we have been going head to head with them over. Richt recruited his butt off last year with other coaches telling players how he wouldn't be around much longer. If he can step into their living room and be like, "not only did I win this years title but I have two others and have been doing this for 11 years, trust me I'll be around" it would be huge.

  4. I'd have to agree with these other commenters, KP. Living down here in NOLA I am surrounded by LSU fans who are about the most obnoxious people on the planet, and I was born and raised here. I have never really understood this SEC solidarity crap. The fact is the only team in the country I want to see win is Georgia and whoever is playing LSU or Florida. Now, get me a tea for your insolence.

    p.s., this is junior, not senior

  5. Some fun at Vandy's expense:

  6. fantaci, is that you?
    From the comments looks like the dry desert air must be messing with my brain. It aint easy being the only defender of All things southern up here.
    Your tea is coming up sir. Why don't you and your dead beat brother meet us all in Athens for the auburn game!

  7. It is I, good sir. I understand what that dry air can do to a man, I'm just glad to see you have come to your senses. I may be able to make the Auburn game, let me check. As for Mike, I will inquire, but, as you said, he is a deadbeat.

    By the way, love the website!

  8. Did you see the video of Les (the buffoon) miles, is that who you want representing the SEC? So we lost to boys state, you can thank them for waking us up. Boy you need to come home, you been gone to long.

  9. Little tacky - wow! Hope to see you in Athens for Auburn weekend. Drag that chump of a bro with you too.