Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The No Huddle Huddle and Watery Margaritas

The No huddle.  We all know how its supposed to work.  We all saw it in action at Georgia before.  If you recall it was way back in 2001 when one Mark Richt brought his offensive genius to Athens. We gave it a shot.  It was the real deal, but we didn't have the right personnel to make it work.  Do you remember how long the no huddle lasted in Athens?  Not very long, infact Im willing to bet there are those among us who do not remember it at all.  That's not to say Mark Richt can't run a no huddle.  His Florida St no huddle was a thing of beauty.  Well boys and girls the No huddle is back, only slower and more laborious than before.  The no huddle, when run correctly, keeps your opponent on its toes.  It doesn't give them time to adjust to what you're doing; hell you may even catch a guy out of position a time or two. When run correctly the No huddle can exhaust and demoralize the Defense.  When its executed as we did Saturday night in the Dome it tends to look like a bunch of people watching a Tennis tournament, heads swiveling on a stick; back and forth, back and forth..and it makes you wonder why we bothered running it at all.
If the point of a No huddle is to keep things moving and keep the D on its toes, what good comes from pausing just as long as it would for you to huddle up?

Back in the Day Florida State "brought it" with the no huddle.  They had a Offensive coordinator that knew a thing or two about running the no huddle the way we saw the Bronco's bring it at us last Saturday.

Lets go back in time to 1994 one of many examples of the power of the No huddle under Mark Richt

--Florida State dusted off its no-huddle offense again Saturday and found yet another opponent unable to cope with its tiring, rag-tag results.

The key, the Seminoles said, was getting UF's defensive linemen to gasp for air.
"If you can get them tired," offensive coordinator Mark Richt said, "that's half the battle. They can't come at you if they're tired."
Although the Gators played several combinations of zone defense in the second half, they continually gave FSU underneath passing routes.
Kanell, stepping up into the pocket, continually took them. Only two of his fourth-quarter completions were longer than 20 yards.
In addition, receiver Kez McCorvey caught nine passes for 127 yards, Warrick Dunn 10 for 96.
"The more we clicked, the better our confidence became. I think they got tired and our team just reached deep within itself," Kanell said. "This comeback took a lot of great plays, a lot of great catches, determination and blocking."
"When we got them tired, we felt we could do anything."

Man that sounds awfully familiar, only it was BSU's no huddle giving GA fits. Georgia's D was gasping for air, while Georgia's No Huddle provided the BSU players time to rest and get caught up.  This Bobo No huddle isn't the real thing. It doesn't wear anyone out, it doesn't play to our strengths.  As a good friend once told me, "don't pour wine in a lime juice and tell me its a margarita"  If we insist on using the No huddle against uSC, then Bobo please tell me you're running Mark Richts version of the NO huddle  and not your own watered down margarita we saw last week!

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  1. Is it possible to say after watching the game again tonight, i think Bobo is a BIGGER idiot than what i thought Saturday night as I left the Dome? Geez, on the series in the 3rd qtr when we actually drove the field, it was all out of the "I". The SECOND we went to shotgun, we jumped offsides, then were sacked. What a joke, and to think we're just getting started man.