Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

Wow, Twittah is alive with conjecture about conference expansion, and I have to admit it is fun to consider the possibilities.  Most of which I abhor but fun to hypothesize nonetheless.   Today many reports have Missouri coming to join our sacred league.  Well I do not like that one bit.   Not completely sold on A&M, but having some A&M cousins in my family I at least understand they fanaticism of that fan base and can see them adding to the middle tier quite nicely.  Mizzou however? I am assuming Mr. Slive has all this figured out without my help.  I mean no one has called me yet for advice but I still woudl rather see VT come in than Missouri.  $20M is chump change right?  I mean..Missouri?
Didn't these guys fight on both sides of the war? What in the hell are we doing?
So we add Mizzou and A&M to the West, and most everyone agrees that Aubbie slides right over to the east.
Who then becomes our permanent Western match up?
Who would you like it to be?

An interesting article in the times today on the numbers behind these "strategic" expansions.
Besides all the telling numbers (some of which seem suspect) I noticed that my own little (temporary) neck of the woods is home to the highest concentration of google searches for "college football" west of the Rockies....Guess that makes sense with those smurfs enjoying their recent decade of dominance over the WAC. Might be time I begrudgingly pay them some respect.  Folks around here are starting to believe they will be in some new look Big 12 along with TCU before this thing stops spinning. Well, good for them then.

Anyway, great info if you have the time.


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