Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Closing Time

Sooooo, conference expansion craziness may indeed be coming to a rather anticlimactic end (for now).
With the PAC-12 announcement that they are happy with 12 members (read UT and her baggage just weren't worth the hassle) the music has stopped and the lights are on bright.  A sobering moment for all of us caught up in the discussion of "what-ifs" and "who's next".  Personally I feel like the guy who was desperately trying to score at the end of a long night of drinking.  The gal I really wanted was a $20m cab ride home.  I never was fond of Missouri, but I would have agreed to take her home especially if all my buddies were gonna take somebody home too.  I mean look at em, not too shabby right?

 In the sober light of the morning, it's bad enough that we have to wake up and look at this:
Do we have to keep him?

But Larry Scott's moment of sobriety may have very well saved us from this:
Good Lord... thankyou Pac-12

Larry was kinda like the one guy at the bar who figured he'd just assume go to waffle house and get some damn hash browns scattered smothered and covered instead of entertain a hook up with someone he would probably regret later on. Even though he had the hot one on the hook and all her friends, he knew that that high maintenance princess and her entourage would be trouble for him down the road.   Kudos, PAC-12 and thank you for your sanity.
Do me a favor, the next time we go out drinking together, remind me how much I love hash-browns and lets call it a night. Punch me in the stomach if you have to.

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  1. Apparently, the true meaning of this song is about a baby being born ^_^ I thought that that was pretty funny. It's a great song! Amanda Vanderpool