Monday, August 1, 2011

You dont know much about football do you?

A quick one before I head out to Disneyland with the kids this week.  Last night while enjoying a cold beer at a local cultural event, a late to the party hipster, complete with trucker hat and mirror aviators  interupted my peace and quiet to tell me with much glee that ".... boise is going to cream Georgia man, its gonna be a blowout"
BSU is totally going to cream like my T shirt?

Look at this guy (not actual picture, but you get the idea) Look at him and imagine him telling YOU about football, so confident in his team that its never once crossed his mind that losing to Georgia is a possibility. This guys only arguement is that BSU has a better record than your school the last 6 years. Now look at him some more.  Imagine he approached you and your family to tell you that you were not only going to lose, but get creamed.... Now imagine the fury and rage that would building inside you..And finally imagine an entire city that feels the same way....what would you have done?
Do you feel what I feel?
(I am counting to 10 again...give me a second......................)

Ok.. Since my kids were with me I had to try and temper my response, so I simply smiled and said,
"You dont know much about football do you?"
Hipster douchebag responded " thats what all you asshole SEC fans say, typical response"

Well Ashton Kucher, it doesnt make it less true now does it? I mean heres a guy who I guarantee could not name the last 5 national champions...or even the members of his own "conference" (WAC or otherwise) This is the type of stuff thats gettin old people.
Yeah, thats what I call douchey Mcdouche.  Moving on now.

Before I hit the road I always like to watch a little motivational video so I thought I'd leave you with a
little Monday Morning 5 hour energy

We're coming down the homestretch


  1. We are in Montana and hear the same thing ... all of the time. How quickly they forget the last time we met the blue field broncos.

  2. They said the same thing 5yrs ago and with the same hyped QB!!

    This is "deuche de vu".

  3. are you coming home for the game or are you going to watch it with Jerry and his dad?....

  4. Oh I am coming home. I wouldn't miss this one for the world! We come in Wednesday to start off a 4 day party. Jerrys dad may be coming too....if he's man enough.

  5. When a guy who looks like this says anything to me about football, Georgia or otherwise, why would I even care? Why would I listen? People who have no clue what they're talking about aren't worth the time or effort to get angry or even respond. You brush them away like you would a gnat. Smile. Forget about it. Life is too short to entertain idiots.

  6. Like the waitress at breakfast Knoxville/2009 who took great joy in going on about the game and how bad Georgia played. Finally, just tossed cash on the table and left. Didn't even bother to finish breakfast.

  7. Make no mistake, we will not be facing a BSU team like the one we saw in Athens a few years back. I'm not prepared to say that we will win.. but I have a hard time believing they'll blow us out. I really hope to send them back to Boise with a loss and a crushed ego.

  8. That game in 07 was one of the best bama-uga games ive seen in my life...go dawgs! Amanda Vanderpool