Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's That Coming Down the Tracks?

Its 514 lbs of red and black ! 

From Bill King yesterday:
".... I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to seeing more of the good old toss sweep this season with big Bruce Figgins (6-foot-4, 274 pounds) leading the way at fullback. Put 240-pound Samuel behind him and, like Figgins said, “I think people will be a little intimidated by it. That’s 500 pounds moving right there. And Richard’s not slow at all. I have to speed up just to get going ahead of him because he’ll run up your back if you don’t. I think we’ll be able to move some people out of the way.”

As much as Crowell has been crowned the savior of our running game (and from the tweets coming from today's practice hes progressing quite nicely) its a very good feeling to think of the freight train that could be the tandem of Figgins at FB blocking for Richard Samuel 2.0
You might remember that Samuel's running style is straight downhill, hes a big bruiser at 6'2 240lbs who likes contact.  Put a big FB and proven blocker infront of him like Figgins at 6'4" 270lbs, and sheeee-it...If  the two of 'em get any space, that could be one hell of a Train comin down the tracks.

This also bodes quite well for taking some of the pressure off of Isaiah as he learns the playbook and gets introduced to SEC speed. Couldn't hurt having big Figgins clearing a path for him either.  Never one to love the running back by committee, I gotta say I'm really loving the one two punch that Samuel and Crowell could bring us.  Keep both fresh, keep pressure off of Isaiah and give both a FB like Figgins who is 'loving every second' of his new role.  This is say nothing of the potential (however farfetched) of Jenkins getting the rock or throwing a block in special short yard situations 

On a different note, many of you probably saw the humor piece that ran over at OBNUG  (For those of you don't already know, thats One Bronco Nation Under God, kinda like a one man wolfpack of BS U blogging) Well, even funnier (and on purpose) TylerDawgden over at Georgia Sports Blog has a nice complementary article that Im sure you'll appreciate called: Da Broncos

So if you're keeping track at home,  we've got a Bears-like delusional Bronco fan base and a Bronco team who is the girl with an STD that you shouldn't sleep with. 

Impressive results on Joe T's S&C program courtesy of Cordy Glen.  Hows this for a before and after picture?  I am really looking forward to how this improves our 2nd qtr and 4th quarter lapses.

Finally, Im happy to say I've booked my arrangements for Atlanta.  I'll be tailgating at 7am sharp across the street from the Dome.  Hope to see some of you there.

We are coming down the homestretch!

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  1. If you had told me at G-DAy that I would be extremely giddy about Samuel, Crowell and Figgins being THE running game, we would have had some not-so-kind words.

    But man am I loving what I am hearing.

    Glad you are coming to Atlanta. Would love to drop by your tailgate and crack a cold one open. I'll be there all day as well.

    GO DAWGS!!