Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two Months Ago

I wanted to catch everyone up on the transition to Athens.  As you can tell from my posting (or lack thereof), it has been a busy time.  First, I am completely divested of my property holdings in Illinois.  Our house went under contract, and after holding my breath for a month, it closed yesterday.

Also, I've had the opportunity to get to do some cool stuff, like the Suits and Sneakers thing benefiting the American Cancer Society, a couple of Braves games, and several trips to South Georgia.  The Mrs. is enjoying her work and I'm still seeking something, but being selective (if you know of anyone looking for someone with broad higher education administration experience, let me know).  I'm also looking forward to not having a 10 hour drive for football.

Living in Athens is everything we had hoped it would be and everything we missed.  Our time away was fantastic, but I have to admit, I missed living here far more than I remembered. 

I am a blessed Dawg and get to live the dream everyday. 

Go Dawgs!  See you in Atlanta in a couple of weeks.

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