Monday, August 8, 2011

This game should be a easy win for Boise State

for those of you who missed it:  Caution, reading this linked article can be harmful to your bloodpressure

Factual inaccuracies aside,you could rewrite this article and replace the words "Boise State" with "Eastern Washington" and come up with the same conclusion.... Eastern Washington could wipe the floor with Georgia! The stats say so!
What? You don't know Eastern Washington?  They were the freakin 2010 Big Sky and FCS champs last year bub! They only lost 1 game all year. Oh, and they play on a RED field!

This whole straight up comparison of stats with no context of who those stats were earned against is my biggest argument for a separation of schools in BCS conferences from the Mid Majors.

Padding stats by playing weak competition is something our reptile friends have perfected.
Padding stats by playing special needs teams weak competition is something our blue turfed opponents have built their program on.

We all know the high we feel immediately following some blow out win against a sacrificial lamb (New Mexico State Aggies anyone). But MOST of us can put that win into perspective.  Most of us know what a victory against that type of team really is.  A practice, a scrimmage; A chance to pad the stats.  What the vast majority of BSU fans don't get or refuse to recognize is that 90% of their schedule is made up of these little lambies.  Its awfully hard to see straight when this has been your reality for the last 5 years.

The collective BSU head is getting mighty big friends; I believe this is a good place to be!


  1. I figured that one would get your blood boiling. And yeah- that red field at Eastern Washington...The NCAA really needs to put a stop to that madness. I tried watching one of their playoff games last season but literally couldn't stand it. It hurt.

  2. Only Auburn beat us last year by as many as the 14 points they're predicting their win.

    And we had a 21-7 lead over Auburn at halftime.

    If we have a 21-7 lead over Boise State at halftime like we did against Auburn last year, it's toes (hooves?) up Broncos!

  3. There is just no way for Boise State to stay on the field with our beloved Bulldogs. recruiting ranking reports show that Boise State averages number 69 ranking over the last 5 recruiting classes and that Georgia ranks an average of number 11 over the same last 5 recruiting rankings by

    A more detailed comparison of the rosters shows only Kellen Moore 5 years ago, who is a 4-Star recruit ranking QB, is the only Boise State recruit ranked a 4-Star or a 5-Star recruit over the last 5 recruiting classes we face 4 Saturdays from now, while UGA has 51 either 4-Star or 5-Star recruits.

    This is a non-game alright, and a multiple touchdown win alright; only it is UGA as we did last time 43-18, who will end up on top again in this series.

    Boise State complains no one will play them; uh, we are again. We have a pretty easy schedule this year, too, only we face it with fifty-one 4 and 5-Star recruits according to and Boise State faces 2 ranked teams all season Georgia and TCU. Georgia faces Boise State, Florida, South Carolina, Auburn and Ole Miss for 5 ranked teams we face while they face 2, neither of which can they possibly beat.

    This is a must win for Mark Richt.

  4. Georgia fans actually hate chump games. In the long run, It probably hurt the team by influencing Evans to go too far the other direction.
    No one feels excited. A lot don't show or leave early. They complain on the radio. Understandably. But the program would probably be better if we could get all nutty like gaters at beating the S. E. Miss. Techs.