Friday, July 8, 2011

They drink your milkshake

The possibility of Jenkins and Geathers getting playing time together is not a new one.  The idea was floated out there back in April when Grantham at the time commented on the possibility,
 "There aint a rule against it is there? 
This has alot of us salivating at the prospect. An article this morning over at Leather Helmet Blog got me to thinking about this again.  One comment in particular ...
"Jenkins showed up in shape, motivated and, in fact, has proven to be the fastest lineman the Bulldogs have on campus." 
Now I've blown my work morning trying to get this picture out my head.  You have to think the coaches will get these two weapons on the field at the same time.  My first thoughts run towards how this would benefit us against the smurfs.  Let me fantasize for a moment.. Lets picture Geathers at Nose tackle; 6'6", 325lbs across from the smurfs projected starter at center, one Thomas Byrd, listed at 5'11 281. Do you like that match-up?  I'm liking that match-up.  Then lets put Jenkins on the end, our biggest and fastest lineman. I'm feeling giddy here even though he would be going up against "two-time, first-team, all-WAC Left tackle Nate Potter listed at 6'6" 300 lbs.  Don't let the all WAC, two time first-team mumbo jumbo scare you.  I once won a local pinewood derby race when I was 8.  I  took 2nd place at the regional, got myself a fancy trophy. But that didn't get me an invitation to drive at Daytona. For perspective, this BSU offensive line gets the love every year.  Go back in time with me again to pre game 2005.  Statistically the unit was ranked 4th in the nation coming off of 2004 averaging over 490yards a game total offense.. Factually that O line resulted in 292 yards total offense against Georgia, (135 in garbage time)  yet they went on to average over 420 yards/game that year against their WAC schedule. Its like I told young Jerry, its all relative.  Statistically you can prove anything except the truth. Statistically you can prove Doctors kill more people each year than guns do. Nobody thinks we should be outlawing doctors do they?  But, hey, I digress.  Similar All-WAC, all-everything honors were bestowed upon guys named Colt Brennan (still totally not a system quarterback by the way) whose Hawaii team averaged 512 yard of offense in '07, but 302 against Georgia. And then there was Jared "4 picks" Zabransky. You may recall neither of these guys set the world on fire in their SEC debuts. The two of them racking up, 8 picks, 4 fumbles 11 sacks, 2 concussions, 1 case of dehydration and a partridge in a pear tree before being taken out of the game.  
It still only the second quarter?
Hi, my name is Marcus, have we met before?

In all seriousness though, the size and talent discrepancy of the rest of the WAC tend to diminish these coronations when playing a different level of competition.  What's considered good in one league is merely average in another.  The discrepancy between BSU and the rest of the WAC/MWC has only grown since 2005, so its natural to see BSU showered with all conference accolades

Lets come back to the present now. Georgia is in the second year of the 3-4 under Grantham.  My good friend Bryan, aka Toothpick, from Savannah pointed out that year 2 is the breakout year for most coaches. He points to Urban, Chizik, Saban, Mullen, hell Richt for that matter as examples. Bryan built a fence in his yard because a "Yankee moved in next door."  Bryan sips whiskey on his back porch and sends me recordings of the cicadas at night so I can fall asleep here in the mountains.  Bryan is a man I trust. I'm thinking Bryan is on to something.  Seems like things on the defensive side might be falling into place for us. I mean I'll say it again, Jenkins and Geathers on the field together! Much like Zabransky and Brennan before him, I see All everything Kellon Moore much more frazzled and predict he wont enjoy the same accuracy percentages he's used to. (Zabransky, Brennan & Moore sounds like a very successful insurance agency doesnt it?) 
So yes, I'm feeling pretty good on this aspect of the game from this aspect today.

Breaking news .."King has left the building"  Lets hope Isaiah is the real deal kids. My high just went to low.

I'll take a look at our O vs their D here soon.

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  1. First of all I work in a hospital and yes some doctors should be outlawed. Now onto your point, I would change one thing, put Tyson over their all everything left tackle, he is no slouch himself and after a year of battling double teams in the SEC it would seem like a vacation for him. That would put Jenkins over their less talented tackle freeing him up even more. The three of them should be able to handle the line great freeing up linebackers to help in coverage as well as send one or two to add pressure. Could be fun, overall I love your thought process here.