Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Know your Opponent Vol 1

We're under 40 days to go now and I can tell you that out here in the territories football talk is heating up.
Hostile and friendly counts are through the roof and with the addition of aqua canis one to my arsenal I'm getting approached by strangers at staggering rate. Not a day goes by that don't I end up discussing our tailback situation with a snickering BSU fan.  This morning, per his request, I even promised young "jerry" he could kick me in the hiney if Georgia looses ( he thought that was hilarious). Through all this attention I can imagine what it feels like to be a reality TV star as I am experiencing a certain amount of local notoriety for my blatant Georgia homerism.
This weekend the friendlies ranged from a retired Delta pilot relocated to Boise who gave me a"go dawgs" in the middle of Target, to a 2007 graduate who spotted my car tag at 100 yards away up in Tamarack Idaho and gave me a shout out from the same distance.
Unfortunately this gal was also married to one of the hostiles I encountered, a Boise state grad who wanted no part of talking about the game.  A mixed marriage; very sad.  Its always tough to see a red and black faithful married into the orange and blue of Florida, but this was the first time I'd seen a Dawg married to a Bronco, and it wasn't any easier to witness.  She was concerned that the marriage would not survive the game. I told her there would be worse things in life.

Anyway, because I'm plain worn out on technical analysis with complete strangers, I thought I'd take a look at Georgia vs Boise from a celebrity perspective and particularly from the music industry. As a graduate of each school what celebrities are on your side?  What songs or famous people support your alma mater? What type of talent has your college town produced or can claim as fans? Does this have a bit of impact on the game? Hell no.  But if you came here for detailed X' s and O's you're in the wrong place anyway.

First lets take a look at Georgia.  Nothing embodies the nostalgia and love for our state like Ray Charles's version of "Georgia on My Mind".  No four words so perfectly conjure up visions of home  for me than  "Moonlight through the pines"!  Whether its Willie or Ray or Lyle, Or Dean Martin,  Zac Brown or Van Morrison, it gives me goosebumps every time and I've been known to even tear up after a cold adult beverage or two.  Covered by hundreds of artist in every musical genre, "Georgia on my Mind" is not only our state song, but a timeless classic to boot.  There is no shortage of songs that make mention of the Peach State.  "Midnight train to Georgia" ,"The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia", "Devil Went Down to Georgia", "Why Georgia", "Rainy Night in Georgia", " Going Down to Georgia"  I could go on (and on, and on).....Turning our attention closer to the University, Athens lays claim to the 40watt club, where Athens Bands, like  R.E.M.Drivin N CryinGuadalcanal DiaryIndigo Girls and The B52's and others all played back in the day. 
In fact, Athens almost singlehandedly propelled college rock from a static ridden sliver on the low end of the radio dial to a worldwide commercial monster. And from the Allman Brothers to John Mayer to Arrested Development, there is a Peach State connection to some of the most popular musical acts out there.  Today's country scene is a who's who of Georgia natives and with some of the most popular acts Dawg fans to boot.
I'm thinking Zac Brown who raised $75k for our beloved Athens institution the Georgia Theater;  Luke Bryan who has on occasion visited UGA football practices and Jason Aldean who lately has been sporting a nice "G' guitar strap during performances.  

Let us now turn our attention to our Sept 3 opponent Boise, and the "Gem" state of Idaho. After some research I found out that one Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue actually grew up in Jerome Idaho, population 10,209. Ok,  score one for Idaho natives. Idaho songs include "Your own Private Idaho" by Georgia Natives the B-52's.  Boise is mentioned in Lynyrd Skynyrds "Whats your name" in the lyrics... "well its 8 o'clock in Boise Idaho..."  Not exactly goosebump inducing material but a mention of sorts. Finally as you might expect there is an Idaho song that faithfully gives a shout out to the Potato, its called "Idaho Potato Man" by Corky Siegal  While I've never heard it, I'm sure there's a reason its never been covered.  So, what else is out there? What musical acts throw shout outs to the area code that the home of the Broncos?  What acts can the Broncos claim as legitimate fans; supporters who go out of their way to show the love?  Jeesh, it looked like slim pickins until I found this gem.  Ladies and Gents, I give you Poppa Joe and Iselda Gonzales's original, "Summertime in Boise" I guarantee you'll be humming this diddy for days. Look for these guys on the BSU sideline this September.
 (be sure to check out just how gangsta this video gets at 1:43)

So, let me hear from you.  Does Poppa Joe and Iselda make this contest a push?
When did wearing a bluetooth headset become gangsta?
Tell me again where I can find soul food in Boise, because I could use a taste of home.


  1. I found one you missed, which I can understand being blinded by all the awful orange and blue.

    This is a rendition of the Idaho Vandal fight song by Bing Crosby.

    Idaho Fight Song

    Go Dawgs!

  2. i am SO hoping they play this at the Dome. this "song" absolutely cracks me up. enjoying this blog, K-P.

  3. Between "Summertime in Boise" and the Bing Crosby cover of the Idaho Vandal fight song, I'm speechless.

  4. If you love the UGA songs you gotta check out Corey Smith he is a big dawg fan and I love his songs