Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I've Got No One to Blame But Myself

Maybe it's me..nah hell, I know its me. It's the clothes I wear, it's the G's on my truck, from the Georgia decals to the Georgia valve stem covers to the Georgia licence plate holders on my "GODAWGS" plate to the Georgia car seats my kids use. If you see me coming or going, it's clear I'm a dawg fan (or a packer fan as we've established previously). Subtlety, when it comes to my love of Georgia, is not my thing.
Free shoveled
Because of the constant flying of my colors, the folks here who engage me are clear cut on their opinions. They're either with me or against me; Friendlys or Hostiles. I've had people steal my G hitch cover and I've had people leave me nice notes. I often find myself  in discussion with both types and you can guess what the topic of conversation is.

Up here you get a "Go Dawgs" from 3 types of people:

  1.  Fellow exiled Dawg fans --84 of us here according to the Alumni relations dept. 
  2.  Fellow SEC fans (all except gators) From Bama to Tennesee to Arkansas it seems to be a natural by product of missing home. I'll get random Auburn fans shouting "Go dawgs" and expecting a "war eagle" in return. I've actually shouted "roll tide" to a passing Alabama fan.  Don't judge me until you've walked a mile in my shoes!
  3. Idaho Vandal Fans -pronouncing dawgs as "dogs" they usually follow it with a "Please beat Boise State!.....pretty please?" 

  1. Just about everyone else. This includes but is not limited to: Gators in Exile, guys at the gas pump, grandmas in the grocery store, drunken kids on the boat ramps, homeless people begging for spare change, Police officers, my doctor, my dentist, the teachers at my kids school, the mailman, the snowplow guy, the UPS guy, the sprinkler guy, my brother in law, his friend, his Dad from Spain who calls a football game a "match", our vet, flight attendants, the guy who fixed my fence, drive thru workers, the milkman, the garbage man, the guy who owns my favorite get my point. 
  2. The guy who owns this house
either a displaced Gator glamming onto the Bronco's or a Bronco fan who fancies himself a Gator, either way, not gonna be having beers on the porch with this fellow
Lately my I find myself engaged daily with  hostiles.  This morning it was another discussion and it felt like I was arguing with a 6 year old until I remembered I was literally arguing with a 6 year old.  I'll call this kid Jerry.  Jerry's Dad is a Bronco fan, despite this fact Jerry and his dad are good people. I hadn't seen Jerry in a few months, but this morning at my daughters drop-off I spotted him in a red shirt; something he would have never done if he'd known he would see me that day (we have a history). Jerry has been trained to shout "go big blue" whenever he sees me. This irritates me to no end. This morning was no exception. I responded back that he was lookin pretty good in red shirt and told him that when he really wanted to learn about real football my door was open.
He told me "You have to admit, Boise State is really good"
I said, "Son, good is a relative term. I played pee wee football in Thomson Georgia; we only lost one game one year and my mom told me we were the best. We were really good too....... relative to our competition;  do you think we deserved a shot at the BCS title for that?"

Then maybe I took it a little too far, as I told him to get used to hearing " goooooooo dawgs, sic em, woof woof woof .." as he would be hearing it every time the dawgs kicked off  after we scored all those touchdowns.   I'm not particularly proud of myself for that one, but he came right back to tell me how great the Bronco's are and how they would surely take care of Georgia this September. In Jerry's defense, BSU is 71-6 in his lifetime so I really can't blame him for his confidence. He's a good sport and for a 6 year old he gives as good as he takes. He will remember today and by God he's going to let me know it come Sept 4th if the Dawgs don't take care of business.

  A part of me wants this game over so I can just move on with the rest of the season already.  There is nowhere to escape it.  Up here this game is the season, there's little discussion of anything past it other than David vs David TCU inagural & final inter-conference rematch. A rematch of the first ever BCS bowl game with no BCS teams.  A game I believe that Pat Forde literally wet his pants over. (if a tree non bcs team falls in the forest  plays another non bcs team and no one is there to hear it, in a bcs bowl does it really make a sound  was a BCS game really played?)    This rematch btw was originally scheduled at TCU but now is on the smurf turf as the MWC, in a nice send off to the Frogs, insisted they come out west before they bolt for the Big East.  For us BSU part deux is the pregame to SEC play. What we all really want is the SEC title. We have the schedule to make it happen, perhaps not the O-line however. If  by chance we lose to BSU, on paper it doesn't affect our chances of that goal. Though I'm sure mentally that would be a tough thing to get past. It would be a sad sad day for the SEC if, at the end of the season, we made it back to Atlanta with a loss to the smurfs. In fact this is simply unfathomable to most people. And I for one would feel empty.  Losing to Colorado and UCF was bad enough but piling on a loss to a WAC/MWC team would be a crushing blow to the Bulldawg Nation psyche. Hell, they might revoke our SEC card for that.  Do you know how often I'll hear that BSU is the SEC champion in that scenario?  So yes, the game is huge to us too; I won't pretend it's not. Sept 3rd cant come soon enough and that's something Jerry and I can both agree on.


  1. Thought you were moving back. What happened to that?

  2. The original BIE did move back to Athens. He turned it over to this guy who lives in Boise

  3. GKP I got your Airtran tix ready for you and the fam...just let me know when ya'll are ready to get the hell out.

  4. feel for you man. One thought I had in reading your can always tell a douchebag fanbase....say we are kicking their ass....then they start to gator chompin at us like its gonna hurt our feelings..."you beat us but you cant beat these guys.......nanananananaaaa"....rememeber the Wisconsin fans trying that after we beat em in the Outback bowl....cept we beat Florida that year....duh

  5. Good fan column. Your everyday descriptiveness is fun to read and I predict will be awaited with glee. Suggestion: Shoot the 6-yr old with red and black paint balls each morning so that he has to wear our colors all day at school before he goes home to see Dad. Better yet, paint your kid's middle finger red and black and....nevermind, he can do that for himself during art class. You could paint a Vandal's mask on your child, better yet, your car or wife.

    Place red and black decal lines(take them with you in your creel) on the side of your first big rainbow and feed it (the photo) to us. Good handoff BIE and "GO DAWGS!".

  6. I think "smurf's" is too nice, I prefer Donk's!