Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'm giddy again

In the ebb and flow of emotions that accompany a fan such as myself, I've come to recognize moments like this as indicators that something bad is going to happen soon. Like Malcolm Mitchell is going to crash his scooter and be out of practice for a month, or Murray sprains his wrist trying to help a kitten out of a tree. Of course I hope I'm wrong, it wouldn't be the first time. But I've come to expect bad news following good.  Todays good news came as I was reading this, and it made me absolutely giddy about the prospects of Murray to Mitchell.
“I’ve never seen anybody that could stop on a dime like he can,” Robinson said. “I mean, I love A.J. (Green), but A.J. never stopped like he can. He gets separation. A.J.’s got that speed and quickness, but I’ve never seen someone with the feet that (Mitchell) has, and just the separation he can achieve with his routes.”

Giving Murray one more impact guy who's a burner and knows his routes opens up alot of things for us.
We know Mitchell has the speed and it sounds like hes learning the playbook quickly.  Couple this with the experience of Tavarres King (who is no slouch himself) and the chemistry with big Orson Charles at TE, and yeah, I'm liking our passing game quite a bit.
And just for the hell of it a quick comparo for what percentage of Murrays yards were to the guys we lost to that of Moores and his departing receivers.

Murray as a freshman threw for 3049 yards, 24 TD's and 8 picks last year in an SEC schedule
AJ and Durham accounted for 1510 of those yards and 11 of those Touchdowns or about 50% of the output.

Moore as a Jr threw for 3845 yards 35 TD's and 6 picks last year in a WAC schedule. (yes.. italicized for emphasis)
Young and Pettis accounted for 2166 of those yards and 19 of those TD's, or about 56% of  Moores yards and 54% of the scoring.

One quick question and I don't mean to be snide, but what do you think Murray and  AJ would have done with BSU's schedule last year? What kind of numbers would we be looking at? Similarly, lets pretend Moore played in the SEC, what kind of year did he have?

 So looks like we are both in similar situations here when it comes to replacing NFL caliber receivers. AJ and Kris went 4th and 107th, Young and Pettis went 44th and 78th in the Draft. We both have to replace 50% or more of our production through the air.  I feel good about TK, and Mitchell, but I know those Donks are working on some new guys as well and they've proven lately to be able to reload their skill positions with folks plucked straight from the potato fields....  So Im wondering, who is BSU's Mitchell gonna be? And who is going to be in the next scooter incident?

I'll leave you with a highlight reel for Malcolm.  Remind you of anyone?


  1. There's a rumor out of China that the F'ing Scooters may be recalled.

    They will be renamed The Fuc King Scooters.

  2. A cross between AJ and Smith.

  3. Roll Tide Roll!! Best defensive minded team in the Nation! Amanda Vanderpool