Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coach Luther Welsh, Damn good dawg

Before I was a Georgia Bulldog, I was a Thomson Bulldog. During my time living there, the dogs of Thomson won a few state championships courtesy of the one Luther Welsh. Taking down Marist in 1984 and Thomasville in 1985 it was a golden age of football there in T-town. We were feared across the CSRA. Living in Thomson was like living in the real life friday night lights; in the fall EVERTHING revolved around the dogs. Coach Welsh had a love of football like no one else I knew growing up. He epitomized passion and drive. When you were in the presence of Coach Welsh you were in the presence of a football genius. Coach made it mandatory that all THS AThletes from the golf team to the soccer team take weightlifting training. He mingled the weight room daily driving all of us to try harder to reach down and do better.
He will be missed.

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  1. Being from Washington County I know all about playing the Bulldogs behind that brick wall. I'm sorry for the Thomson community's loss. Godspeed!