Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Aqua Canis

I've been thinking lately that my "G" boat flag isn't enough and I'd like to make more of a statement on the water. The wife tells me I've lost it. So I need a second opinion. What say you about this boat wrap I'm considering?  Is the dry desert air getting to me or would this the sharpest boat on the water?
too much? or just right?
I've decided to go with the "blackout look"
thanks for all the email and suggestions!


  1. Too modest. Make a statement.

  2. Have to agree with ecdawg. There's too much of that G cut off! Otherwise it is completely, and unequivocally dipped in awesome sauce!

  3. Go red, my man. Too many visions of black jerseys and-gulp!- black helmets dredged up by the black version.