Sunday, June 5, 2011

Moving Out

1726 days. 1372 posts.  100 inches of snow. 45 days that didn't go above zero degrees.  Three kids raised to believe Sanford Stadium is a Cathedral to football. Two tornadoes. One kid born.

It is moving day.  I'm South bound and down.

Retiring the colors.
Thanks everyone.  It has been a fun ride.  Daddy's coming home.

Last one to leave Illinois, cut out the lights.


  1. when you get home and decide to have an impromt too get togeather let us know

  2. goode speling ccasper

  3. "imprompt to",..make thst "imprompt two"...or was it imprompt three?

    I have typed so many words by their sound and gone back to discover my mistakes that it's past believing. Never spelled that way before in my life. Caught most of them, but several have slipped through...too late. We do understand such errors on here and rarely does anyone mention it because , quite frankly, everyone makes these mistakes. In this case, breaking the word into two makes it difficult to see from the typist's viewpoint.

    Drive safely with your precious cargo,, I mean Homeboy. Will you be working at UGA?