Wednesday, June 29, 2011


So here we are in the dawg days of summer. Most of us looking for anything football related to tide us over 'til September. I took to my daily routine this morning the same as any: mental alarm goes off, get out of bed,  how many days to kick off today? (only 62 days now) I read my twitter feed in peace & quiet before the kids get up.  I get caught up on the latest news or updates and see what kind of beer @benwilderv & @bernieDawg are drinking. By the way, can someone please send me a son of a peach? The local Brewforia says they can not help me. 

 For the last few days I've consciously skipped over the infraction tweets concerning Jarvis Jones, and was happy to bury my head in the sand on the Benedict Arnold affair, uh excuse me, Brent Benedict. Today was no different. I saw the tweets; I saw the links; I happily ignored them.  I got the kids in the car and we headed out to the various drop offs. Afterwards I was stopped at a red light deep in thought--today I was thinking of a fair over/under for number of cars I would see sporting the Carls Jr (that's Hardees to you and me) BSU magnets that are free with a small drink purchase-- when  I noticed a person in the next lane frantically trying to get my attention. Stirred from my daymare, I rolled down my window to see what was going on. A guy in a Subaru (the official state car of Idaho by the way) says to me with much enthusiasm:

" Yo, you from Green Bay!? Are you a big Packer fan?" 

Tell me again why there is confusion here

(sigh)  Listen, I get it; you're an enthusiastic fan just like me, or just a nice person trying to relate to a complete stranger you saw on the road and the G's are almost identical; but did anything else on the back of my car clue you in that I was not a fellow cheese head?  Sadly I am used to these questions up here.  If I had a nickel everytime I heard this I'd have a lot of damn nickles.  While I appreciate the enthusiasm from these types I have to wonder if these folks are colorblind in addition to being completely clueless? And since its not nice to call a complete stranger names, my usual response goes something like:

"nah.....Georgia." ...(blank stare in return)...."you know, the university of Athens?......the bulldogs? SEC? "  

While I'm on the subject of mistaken identity, second to the Green Bay fan is the Gonzaga fan.  Yes, Gonzaga; the bulldogs from Washington; the "zags". In my experience these fans seem even more confused. Its always the old lady or hopelessly out of touch Gonzaga alumni that love to ask me how the bulldogs are doing this year, sometimes even shouting "go Dogs" to me. They mean basketball of course, those dogs don't play football.


Yes, I can see why you are confused here.

Anyway I digress, but after such encounters I tend to go a little negative. So even though this is a weekly thing, today I let it get to me.  Feeling negative and angry already,  I decided to just get it over with and open my eyes to the latest off the field news that has been affecting the dawgs. After taking my head out of the sand, I gotta say I'm getting one of those nagging feelings and its starting to consume me. Regarding Jones,  Bill King sent me over the edge yesterday:  

 "....the similarity to last year’s A.J. Green debacle must be particularly aggravating, as Georgia might lose its starting outside linebacker for those crucial opening games against Boise State and South Carolina"

How many times did you look back at some of those first loses last year and wondered "what if Aj would have been on the field?"  I kick myself for such thinking as it feels an awful lot like an excuse, but I wonder nonetheless. I really don't want to have to look back at the first few games of this season and have any reason to ask the same question.  It's just one guy and it's just a possibility, but my mind races; my schizophrenic side, bred from years of being a dawg fan, begins to take over. What really chaps me is the infraction really has nothing to do with the Georgia football program;  it feels petty and insignificant and we can ill afford to be without a potential gamechanger vs the smurfs. Losing Benedict on the other hand doesn't have the same impact as he was unlikely to add anything this year anyway. The O-line is thinner than ever, but can it really get any worse (knock on wood). If the dude really does end up at UF with that other traitor Muschump, he was never a true dawg anyway. Karma has a way of getting at folks like that and I suspect Benedict and Muschump would make good bulletin board material in the years to come. 

Lets hope the bad news stops here this time around. 

By the way, my over/under number was 16; 16 cars between dropoff and home; about a 3 mile trip. I took the under.  I lost. 

Finally, I've concluded that life is too short and I've decided that now is the time to make an addition to the family...yes we are getting a bulldog, (not easy to do in these parts)  My daughter insist that this bulldog be a female, and I need your help with names so we don't have to call her Princess Sparkles.  Feel free to add your suggestion in the comments.


  1. Please please please name her Xanti

  2. Georgia. Too easy.

    BTW, try living with the Chicago Bear faithful. If I had a dollar for every time my house got described as the one with the red Packers flag...

  3. sUGAr - has both a UGA and southern flair to it.

  4. We have a female English bulldawg named "Georgia"

    works for us in Florida...

  5. Name her "Lily" if she's all white (as in lily-white).

  6. I think "Athens" is a good female bulldog name.

    Ans I had a lady move from up north and work at my company a few years ago. After she got comfortable within a couple months, she asked me, "there sure are a lot of Packer fans in this state"...... like you, I just sighed and politely explained to her the truth.

    Keep up the good blog!

  7. There is a difference in the two situations between AJ and JJ. If you recall, AJ was suspended the first two games and we thought he would be back. The NCAA drug their feet for the next two weeks. That is really stressful to try and have a game plan with your playmaker and not have a clue whether or not he will be joining you. I believe we will have resolution on JJ before the season begins...

  8. How 'bout "Ugette?"wo