Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ware, is he going?

A confluence of events have kept me from commenting on Kevin Ware's recent change of heart after his  head scratching decision to attend UCF late last month.

For those not keeping score at home, let me give you a very quick time line of this deal:

April 18: Kevin Ware announces he will attend UCF (over Georgia, Louisville and UCLA), citing "chance to play and connection with the coaches." Rick Pitino wishes he had met Ware in a restaurant.
April 20: Ware's Letter of Intent with UCF is rejected due to pesky NCAA rules forbiding schools from accepting LOIs from a player that had signed one in the previous 12 months.  His grant in aid letter binding UCF to pay for his school if he attends is still good.
April 21: Ware shows up at Derby Basketball Classic in Louisville; professes strong commitment to playing for Knights.
April 22: Plays in Derby Classic, rumors swirl from Cardinal fans about his wavering on UCF based on him saying he is 'absolutely' still considering Louisville. Reaffirms he is going to Orlando; has 7 points and 7 turnovers.
April 28: Reopens his recruitment saying he won't go to UCF; lists UGA and Louisville as front runners.  Causes much more head scratching than original decision.
April 29: Pete Thamel at the New York Times reports there was an outside influence in Ware's recruiting saga.  That influences is from Chicago, very good with guns, and rhymes with 'funner'.  His name is Kenneth Caldwell.

However, I can't pass up comment on this (h/t Leather Helmet Blog):
Caldwell, based on interviews and a review of records, appears to fit the profile of a runner. He denies being a runner, but said if he were he would be “the best in the country, and you could not stop me."
Egotistical bluster?  Not sure.  It does sound like Khrushchev saying 'we don't have missiles in Cuba and we ain't moving them.'

I'll have more on the Ware thing in my next post, but damn, it just seems this kid is either 1) being lied to and led around by folks who are not looking after his best interests, or 2) trouble waiting to happen for a program.  It does make me feel a bit better about Coach Fox's recruiting acumen knowing he didn't land a kid because of possible issues way beyond his control.

The open question is will Georgia be able land him now? Do we want to?

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