Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Three Days and a Wake Up

As my last few days in exile tick off, it wouldn't seem appropriate without giving some sort of last emotional purge of my thoughts about living here.  Since I am 14 at heart, it seems appropriate to do so like I would signing a yearbook.

To my neighbors:  Thank you for showing me that good people, kind people, are found both sides of the Mason-Dixon line.  I knew that conceptually.  Thanks for proving me right.  Hopefully, you'll learn that if I can run a smoker when it is -3 degrees, you can too.

To my co-workers: Y'all made this time awesome.  I refuse to stop using y'all. 

To The Dude: Thanks for lunches and teaching me about stuff you need to know to survive in Illinois.

To the Fisherman:  May your lines never get tangled and you never have two fish in the boat at the same time.  Unless you planned it that way.

To the Mayor: Good luck in Cleveland.  Glad you found happiness.

To the jackass Florida fan who keeps putting notes on my car: Suck it.  Hope your mullet freezes.

To the Dawg Bloggosphere: Thanks for keeping me in the loop.  When it is snowing and you are watching football being played in Athens, with the weather there in the mid-70s, you latch onto whatever solace you can find.  A tumbler full of Daddy's Football Drink and reading BDB, GTP, GSB, Leather Helmet, Hoops and Hedges, S&G, Bulldogs Blog, Dawg Sports and many, many others helped me get the picture.

To Ms. BIE:  Thanks for proof reading and laughing at what needed to be laughed at and asking if I really wanted to write that.  Oh, and for being the best wife a Dawg fan could ask for.

To you readers: Thanks.  Just, thanks. 


  1. I feel like I'm going to miss you, and yet you're coming home.
    Stop taking me on such a wide range of emotions Exile!!!!

    Glad to have you back down South soon. Remind me to buy you a beer. (Seriously, take me up on it. Nobody ever has... :( )


  2. Be careful for what you ask for, I might take you up on it.

    When and where?

  3. Jeez. Pass the Kleenex and tighten the belt Nancy.

    Y'all drive safe now, ya hear?