Friday, May 20, 2011

On Muschamp

Looking over Jeff Schultz's write up on Will Muschamp's visit to the ATL last night (no link, blog policy), two things struck me:
  • Will Muschamp is fairly confident for a coach who's team had a pedestrian spring.
  • Who the hell gets married on Georgia/Florida weekend?
I'll address the first point in a second, but if you are a Florida fan and are marrying a Georgia fan, the very last date you would consider is the last Saturday in October.   You wait until the baby is born or whatever, but don't dare get married that weekend.

Of course, if she has picked that date and he didn't ask for immediately demand his ring back, then I would suggest she is a former attendee at Santa Fe Community and he is a casual fan with poor taste in women.  She probably picked out some really nice denim bridesmaid dresses, too.

Just calling it as I see it.

As for Muschamp's confidence, I can see where it is coming from.  First, Florida has enjoyed tremendous success in Jacksonville recently.  There is no arguing that.  Second, it was a Swamp Critter Club (or whatever) event, so pandering is expected.  Furthermore, when you are coach of the Gators, there a machine that pumps pomposity and pure ego vapor into your lungs that gets moved around with you, and you are required by contract to take at least five huffs a day.  Steve Spurrier had it installed and St. Urban, due to being close to TGCPE, dream invented the portable prototype.

You can look it up.

I know I am on the right track when Bernie agrees with me.

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  1. The fact that no one is even affronted by this mixed marriage is beyond me. May their children grow up to root for Auburn and Tennessee.The fact that they are thumbing their noses at nature means they have not considered the possibility of a child born with Uga's face with an alligator ass.