Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just the Facts

By why let them get in the way of a good story?

Shorter SportsbyBrooks response: I was first, and I only said 'may'.

I think Brooks has blurred the line between blogdom and reporterhood.  The difficult part of new media and Interwebs2.0mg is the continued blurring of the line between those two.  The average reader of a computer screen might not realize that Brooks has bonafide reporting credentials instead of being some hack with a computer and snow on the ground seven months a year, stuck a 1000 miles from home but that is about to change.

More importantly, Brooks intentionally blurs that line, sometimes posting Hollywood Gossip type article about who said what to whom (my apologies to Ms. Drawdy and Starling if I got the who-whose thing wrong) while sleeping with Billy Gillespie. The modifier was intentionally left dangling there.

Brooks goes to pains to highlight the hedging language he used in the original post, pointing out that it would be reasonable to surmise the ghost pepper hot seat Richt is on as the reason for the house sale.  If you have ever listened to Mark Richt for five minutes, the same Mark Richt that made news by dropping the 'hell' bomb at a public event, it would be much reasonabler to assume he was selling it to send Filipino kids food and a copy of I'm Alright, You're Alright Even Though You Got A Backroom Circumcision From Some Football Player*. 

Even if it was about his hot seat, his buyout is enough to pay cash for the house.  Plus, he won't stay unemployed for too long.  Coaches that win 100 games in the SEC don't. 

Hey, it's May.  We have to post stuff to get hits, right? 

*There is no such book, but there aught to be

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