Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's About to Get Ugly

In Orlando.  The NCAA is loading up for bear.

After looking the other way about Auburn and getting a little batted around with tOSU, it won't be pretty for the next program in their crosshairs.  UCF is exactly the kind of program the NCAA won't be afraid to come down very harshly on 'to make a point.' 

Same goes for Boise State's tennis program.  By the way, if the Bronco's football program wants to play with the big boys, improper benefits should include hotels, preferably ones with haughty sounding names in not so haughty sounding towns.  Boise would qualify for part of that.


  1. Clearly i've been too busy thiking of Seinfeld Derby Horse Names 'cause i totally missed whatever's going on at Boise. Without even knowing a single fact tho, let me just say... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  2. Aside from the issues with tennis (unenrolled team members, horse tranquilizers), the football stuff is very small, like finding a recruit a couch to crash on during visits.