Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot Enough

Wonder how the increasing rhetoric over the haves and the have nots in D-1 and the stipend discussions being floated by Delaney influenced this discussion?

Ten years ago, App State to D-1 was a slam dunk: Strong support, natural fan base, success in D-1AA, decent facilities. For further treatment, see State, Boise.  For an alternative treatment, see Buffalo, University at.

Maybe the promise of all that bowl money flowing to the Sun Belt doesn't trump winning the SoCon after all.


  1. Hey now, the Bulls (somehow) snagged a MAC Championship in 2008. Generally though, moving to I-A has been terrible decision for them, despite the fact that they seem to have everything in place to be successful (huge enrollment, a decent-sized city around them, and a fairly large and new stadium). App State lacks those things and even with their success on the field, I don't see them ever rising above the level of an East Carolina or Miami-OH. Boise flourished in part because they really have little competition for fans and exposure within Idaho. App State is located in a state and region with football allegiances already split up.

    This is all coming from probably the only Georgia fan that roots for Buffalo on regular basis. What worries me is that they've got more recent hardware than we do...

    So as not to end on that depressing note, love the blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Well, thinking about that more, App State does have the facilities and enrollment. But they do lack that large media market nearby, and that's something that will hurt their chances of 1-A success, should they abandon their hot hot hot roots in 1-AA.

  3. Good point about the Bulls. I think App State is in a difficult place: they'd have to recruit against Tennessee, Wake, Clemson, NC State, plus somehow outbid UNC; their natural fan base already has strong D-I allegiances; and there is more money in playing $1.25M payday games than fighting over a $2.5M bowl draw split 12 ways.