Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Federal Government Hates Florida Football

I'll look at this a bit more in-depth later, but after reading that the DOJ had sent a letter to the NCAA asking about a college football playoff and the recent crackdown on 'legal' pot, all I could think of is Will Muschamp sure picked a bad time to stop sniffing glue.

It is enough to make a man gamble online sit quietly with no real vices at all.

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  1. Those who say that the government has bigger fish to fry than the multi-billion dollar BCS anti-trust issue, are admitting that the BCS is nonsense. We have a 2-team BCS play-off in this one sport at this one level only. Football teams play softer schedules than others. There must be at least the top 4 teams Plus One +1. This is not going to stop bowl games as we know it with all the bowl games on ESPN now anyway. 119 Division 1-A teams for major college football. You finish your regular season by the end of November. If you are eligible for a championship game, play it the following Saturday. If you win that, and are one of the top 4 teams, 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3. That can be played mid-December without ruining major college football. In fact, those 2 games would be a welcome relief from the weeny bowls of that timeframe. Now, the Saturday after the New Year's Day Bowl Games, the BCS National Championship Game is played. 16 teams ? You are doing no good posting that we must have in your view 16 teams. What we have is an improper 2-team play-off. A more proper play-off than the current 2-team play-off would generate well over a Quarter of a Billion more dollars to be distributed equally among all 119 BCS Division 1-A teams. And, then the NCAA could actually name a Major College Football National Champion. As it is, the NCAA is losing grip of this, the marquis game of the marquis sport. And, that is all the NCAA is, sports. Their failure to do anything about this injustice, will bring about external forces forcing them to agree with someone on the outside fixing this mess for them, taking on then that outside force's solution to this mess of a 2-team play-off currently. Could it be expanded to an 8-team play-off ? Sure. Does it really need to be ? The Number 8 teams in these days of now 14 game seasons (This expands it to 15.) are really teams with 10 wins or 11 wins, not 13. Don't try to tell me the # 16 team, which would have about 8 or 9 wins in a 14-game (now with my proposal 15-game season), have no business complaining they have their anti-trust Rights, Violated. Number 3 and Number 4, yes absolutely they have and continue to have their anti-trust Rights, Violated. Number 5 maybe, some years anyway. Number 6 possibly. Getting pretty flimsy now beyond really about Number 5 most seasons. You want to expand it to 8 ? There is no year, any team could complain they had their anti-trust Rights, Violated with 8 teams. Play 1-8, 4-5, 3-6, 2-7 half-way through December. Following week, play winner 1-8 vs winner 4-5. Play winner 3-6 vs winner 2-7. This adds then now with 8-team play-off instead of the 2-team play-off the NCAA allows now, 2 football games at the most for these possible 8 teams maximum. 16-game seasons only 8 teams have any possibility of playing. There is not 1 reason under God that this cannot and should not happen. Not 1.