Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ealey is gone and I don't feel so good myself


After reading Blutarski's post on the message, Bernie's post on the pressure on the players, ECDawg's post on the pressure on the coaches, Seth's five points to ponder, and PWD's post from last fall about playing one man short, I only have one thought:  Mark Richt might have been reading Sports and Grits.

I am not saying he is a cold blooded sausage maker now, but he is surely making a point that the days of the Richt that will simply pat guys on the head and say go run some are over.  Of course, there are probably details about the Ealey thing that we might never know...which is good.  I remember watching him during a Thanksgiving trip home on GPTV in the Dome and thinking, wow what a runner, and wow, did he really just not even bother to get out of his stance on that quick pitch to the other running back.  He seemed to have carried his high school approach with him, based on his play and actions off the field.

The epitaph on Washaun's career at Georgia:  ME, team.

As sad as it is to put that into words, it is becoming apparent that there was a fair amount of that kind of crap being tolerated over the past few years from the coaches from many players.  On one hand, I have been a vocal proponent of not blaming coaches for the behavior of the kids they coach.  On the other, those same coaches are on the hook for not doing the kinds of thing to address that kind of behavior after the fact, especially when it becomes a locker room distraction.  When what you are doing isn't working, it is time to change what you are doing.

Yes, I know those two points are both hypocricial and possibly incongruent.  They are my hypocritial and incongruent points, though.  I stand by them.

Seriously, I am not so sure this means anything for this season unless we have *serious* injury issues in the backfield.  I hate it for Ealey, although I have a feeling he'll land with his feet on the ground.  I am happy I won't have to hold my breath this fall when we run a pass play and he is in the backfield.  As much as I love Hudson Mason, I don't want to see him on the field this season.

To give props where they are due, it was good to see Washaun involved in a story that cast a good light on the athletes at UGA (helping out the bus driver in the ice), and we'll always have the joy of watching him run free in Atlanta during the Tech game in 09. 

Coach Richt made a hard call.  A good call.  Not sure it'll mean anything come December, but 100+ days before kickoff, I'm starting to feel better.

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  1. It's like taking some medicines. You don't like it, but you know you have to do it. Waushon ran in college football, but his mind never left high school. Too bad and good riddance.

    Maybe some more fans will think twice before asking questions the answers to which do not serve the best interests of all to be aired in public.