Thursday, April 21, 2011

You think SEC officiating is tough

Imagine not being able to cuss on the golf course. 

I have a good friend who is among the most decent and God fearing of people I have spent my life around.  This guy doesn't drink, is a Gideon and Sunday School teacher, and lives his life in a way that is true to that belief.  He survived the great Georgia football drought of the 90s with a grace all of us would admire.  Great guy on top of that (read: lives his witness, instead of pushes his witness on you).  You wouldn't know any of that stuff about him unless you really got to know him.

That is until you get him on a golf course.  A Russian sailor would learn words from him.  I fully appreciate and understand why. 

So the players at Royal St. George's will not only have to contend with bunkers you need an elevator to get out of, they better not cuss when you manage to find yourself hitting out of them.

I think Tiger needs to just write them a check and tell them to draw from it.

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