Thursday, April 7, 2011

Which Would You Rather?

A senior starting QB that is constantly in trouble because he loves the beer too much or a spate of players getting rung up for doing dumb (and illegal) things like swiping a helmet for funsies or riding a moped the wrong way up a street driving without a license?

Honestly, I can't decide, but it is illustrative that the media, both nationwide and in Columbia is shrugging their shoulders over Garcia's latest suspension.  Same for the Gamecock fans and head coach.  Compare that to the mass hysteria over the off season shenanigans of The Great Bulldog Crime Spree.  I think it is clear Garcia has a drinking problem; maybe not as an alcoholic, but as someone who just can't get through his mind that there are times to have a beer or three and then there are times you just don't.

I also find it interesting that no one has accused Spurrier of running a program that is too soft regarding off field issues, despite the myriad of issues that have happened over there.  Yeah, he's suspended Garcia five times.  Each time, he has let him back on the field.  Hell, he let him play in the Peach Bowl, after he got rung up for knocking back a few many Keystone Lights after curfew in the ATL, then suspended him for the first week of spring practice.

There is no doubt in my mind that Garcia will play in Athens on September 10th, unless Connor Shaw is much, much better than Garcia in the fall practices or lights up East Carolina in Charlotte in their opener.  So I guess I am saying Garcia will be suspended for the opener and nothing more.  Let's be clear, Spurrier is a pragmatist over all else.  If Garcia is his best QB option come fall, he'll have to do much more than drink a few beers in a hotel room to get the permanent hook.

I guess a ring or two buys you that kind of leeway from fans and press.

So, which is worse?  Arguably the most important player guy who is starting at the most important position on your team constantly suspended for dumb behavior or a several players doing ultimately much less harmful, but equally stupid stuff just once.

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  1. Unless the school actually steps in and does something about it I doubt he will even be suspended for the opener. His last, and most of his suspensions, have conviently come at times when the team has no games. He misses spring practice, off season work outs etc. but is back for games. I think Shaw does start the opener but at the first sign he isn't getting it done is replaced by Garcia.