Thursday, April 14, 2011

Whatever, bro. That's dumb.

Yeah, you could say that.  Florida basketball players Erik Murphy and Cody Larson, as well as manager Josh Adel get caught breaking into cars and such in St. Augustine.  Murphy and Adel are collared and put into the back of the cruiser while the police search for Larson, who is well known for his fast break abilities.

Hilarity ensues.

My favorite part includes the open admission that if they were in Gainesville, the local constabulary would probably be fellating them or at least finding some townie chicks to do it. That and them trying to get their stories straight.  Larson crying into the phone is just sad.

The best sports information guy in the world can't spin this.

Amazingly, but not surprisingly, the student manager is the voice of reason here:

Huge h/t to Bernie.  My parents saw this on the news and called me about it last night, but I couldn't get it posted.  Bernie saved me searching the Interwebs for the video and a link to the full audio in it's glorious 'We're not in f******* Gainesville' broliciousness.

Jimmy Williams approves.

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