Friday, April 29, 2011

Scantling to run track at UGA

Why is this important?  The dude has game in football, catching 14TD with over 1100 yards receiving in his senior season.  He didn't get much press because Episcopal in Jacksonville isn't a football powerhouse and he has much to improve in his technical skills.

He plans on walking on in his sophomore season.

He might not be quite as fast as this guy...yet:

But if Scantling decides to walk on and plays football, he'll remind us of Durham a bunch with his ability to go up after a football.  Kris put up 6.5+ foot high jumps and was on the 4x400 relay state medal team his senior season.  Scantling ran a 4.58/40 and Durham was in the 4.55/40 range coming out of Calhoun. 

Scantling in action:

Add in Scantling's 200lb, 6'3" frame and I think he'll look a lot like Kris on the football field.

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