Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pilgrimage, of sorts

For the first time in six years, I'll be in Georgia for the final weekend of The Masters.  As you might know, I consider The Masters to be part of my Spring Trinity of Sports, along with opening of baseball season and March Madness.  If there is such a thing, surely The Masters is head of the Trinity.

So fate and birthdays have me and the family in Athens for the Masters.  I'll still have a party with pimento cheese and such.   Fortunately, I don't have to head back this way until Monday, so I'll get to watch the final group walk up Holly. 

I am getting misty eyed thinking about it. 

We had our first blooming flower of the Spring the other day.  Surely, the Illinois spring is but another month or two off, right?


  1. We're missing G-Day bc well it's boring & once you've been to 5 or 6, you've been to them all. Plus i'm running an 8K on Saturday. BUT, we will be at The Masters on Sunday as well. It's a tradition with my Inlaws, except with egg pimento cheese is waaaaay better. I've never understood born & bred Southerners that really like Augusta National pimento cheese. Yuck!

    Have a great trip! Hope your adorable kids have a great time!

  2. I hope to try the pimento cheese at Augusta National one day. Although, I suspect mine is better, too.

    Have fun.

  3. I've had better pimento cheese too. But along with $2 Augusta Nat'l beer and parking your butt on Amen Corner...there's nothing better that I've tasted. ;)

    Have a great trip Exile.

  4. I just got back from Augusta National and I have to say that the pimento cheese sandwich was perfect. Ally, I think sometimes it's where you eat it that makes it. Bernie is right, sitting there in the grandstands at the 12th tee, it couldn't have been much better. I also had the Tuna, Egg Salad, and Masters Moonpie. Not sure why but that Moonpie is the best there.
    I am sitting here sunburnt, stuffed, and wishing I had passes for tomorrow! Phil looked dialed in today. Luke Donald was throwing darts and putting lights out in the par three tourney (shot 22). Even though I am a UPSer, I watch Lee Westwood much. The one shot I saw him hit was on 7 on the Par 3 course. Pin high but spun it back off the green. Look for Ryan Palmer to have a good Thursday. But, in the end Phil will get his 4th win this weekend.
    Oh yeah, Go Dawgs!

  5. Awesome thank for the from the grounds update!

  6. Ga_Boy - I've had the pimento cheese countless times at The Masters. Still yuck. I could eat my weight of their egg salad however. Try it w/ a little bit of onion the next time you're there. You'll love it-trust me!