Thursday, April 28, 2011

On leaving early: Travis and Trey

Except those pesky NBA GMs.... (h/t Lucid Idiocy)
First, let me say good luck to them both.  They are DGDs and I hope they both end up as 15 year veterans of the NBA.  Both have done great things for the Georgia basketball program and when we hang yet another NCAA championship banner in Stegeman, we'll be able to point to Trey and Travis as the keys to where it all started.  A guy can dream, yes?

For Trey, I think it is a no-brainer.  As Martin Van Dawgin at H2H put it,  "I don't think another season would drastically improve his stock in what will be a vastly deeper front court class next year."  Trey would have to put up a Jimmer Fredette Kibma Walker like season next year to do anything but stay about the same, or move down.  He'll need to work on floor leadership, something he'll either develop, or won't.  Of course, it won't be as important for him in the next couple of season, unless it becomes a locker room issue (not saying it will, just saying if it does).  He'll likely end up on a team with a proven floor leader, so he'll have time to improve that part of his game.

I have been working through the soundness of Travis' decision, though.  Travis has more improvement upside, as I believe Trey is clearly NBA starter level talent now.  Travis' flaws are hidden (and rightfully so) by his explosiveness in one on one situations and his prodigious highlight reel dunks.  However, he'll be up against 6'7" forwards who eat guards for lunch in the NBA, so he'll need to learn that an assist is as important as a dunk when teams only have 24 seconds to score and 48 minutes in a game.

He improved that part of his game significantly this season:

As you can see, he has progressed from year to year.  To give you a sense of where that puts him (16th in the conference), Dustin Ware lead the conference with a 2.9 A/T ratio.  How important is that in the NBA?  The guys you have heard the most about in the League (James, Durrant, Kidd, Paul, Gasol, Battier, Crawford) all have A/T's above 2.5.  These players are the guys teams look to when they need points, because they all get their 17+ppg and help their team mates get their 17+ppg. 

Travis is a very talented, potentially NBA level talented, basketball player.  However, past drafts are littered with second round guys who were potential that didn't pan out.  IF Travis improves his decision making, including knowing to pull up, trust his jump shot or dish to a teammate who has a higher percentage shot available, his decision will be validated. 

Good luck to both of these DGDs.

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  1. I like your assessment. After sitting with his mom and brother at the Hoops banquet and chatting it up a bit, some pretty evident things came up. Needless to say, those things may not necessarily reflect the information that the general public has.

    Not bad, just not the whole picture.

    He obviously is motivated and, for that, you have to give him some credit.

    Oh, and thanks for the linkage as always. Very much appreciated.