Monday, April 18, 2011

Like Everyone Else

I'm just baffled. 

I mean, what can someone who actually walks into the locker room of a major college football program as a recruit of that program possibly be thinking by lifting several thousand dollars worth of stuff from the players he might be joining or facing in two years?  Seriously, I don't care if the kid is Deon Sanders, wrapped up with Eric Berry and Champ Bailey, I don't want him at UGA.  Period.

The big unanswered question is how does this effect Georgia's recruiting at Carver, after, you know, all that has happened to this point?

Who knows?  It is a bit much for me to get my head around, but I am glad to see Carver coach Dell McGee is being quiet at this point.  I am sure he is scratching his head at it, too.  Coach McGee is famously protective of his players, and rightfully so.  This has to hurt his efforts to get his kids recruited on some level.  He knows his job just got a bit tougher, especially if Bonner and Hawkins get a suspension.

I just hope they don't come out with this 'youthful indiscretion' bs.  Youthful indiscretion is drinking too much Four Loko and passing out in the can at a downtown restaurant.  Youthful indiscretion is driving after your license has expired.  Taking stuff from the most visible people in one of the most secure buildings in Athens isn't youthful indiscretion.  It is either 5th order stupidity or nearly irremediable criminality.  Or both. 

Yeah, I know someone, somewhere will take a shot on him.  You get that when you are able to cover receivers like you are 6'5" and run a 4.3 40-yard dash.  Maybe I should have a bit more of a forgiving nature for this particular crime.  Sorry, for right now I'm not.

For what it is worth, I bet Bonner ends up at Auburn or Ole Miss.


Update: Hawkins and Bonner kicked off Carver's football team (h/t Heyberto)


  1. Crimes of moral turpitude are not youthful indiscretions. Period. And you are absolutely right about where he'll end up.

  2. No longer on the team:

  3. I saw someone on twitter casually mention that recruits may have swiped our athlete's gear & i immediately dismissed it, thinking surely no recruit would be that ungrateful & colossally stupid.... Sigh.

    Tony, you can add LSU, Tennessee, & SCU to that list as well. Sadly Bonner will still have many options in the SEC from our opponents.