Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Karma, you ignorant...

After much pontificating about marijuana use in Gainesville, I guess this is inevitable.


  1. I've lost count with how many failed drug tests Houston has racked up. Like Ron White said: "You can't fix stupid."

  2. Really? I had no idea he'd failed any before. I know he got a 2 game suspension in 09, but if he'd failed a test, that's an automatic 6 gamer.

  3. The good news, is this didn't happen while he was on the team.

    And.. my criticism regarding Jenkins isn't that the kid made a mistake, but that the self sanctimonius Gator fan base are silent, and the head coach hasn't removed him or dumped a significant suspension on him.

    If I had a penny for every time we were called 'thugs' over emerging from an alley tickets, I'd have hit the frickin' jackpot.

  4. And in giving credit where it's due department.. kudos to Muschamp. I like what Blutarsky had to say about this."who knew it took a Georgia man to do it.


  5. Exile-yes, this ain't his 1st rodeo w/ a failed drug test. Always with mary jane. He & Bruce Figgins (among others, sadly) are repeat offenders.

    I'm sure this will come as a shock to some who believe Mark Richt is the only other perfect person next to Christ to walk the earth, but not all players are suspended equally at UGA. Never have been, never will be.

  6. Also, Bruce Figgins got a 6 game suspension after his 2nd failed drug test (that was reported mind you) not his 1st.

    And for a refresher course on our public drug policy, see here http://is.gd/8otOBN. Six game suspensions are only after the 2nd strike.

    Lastly, there are ncaa drug tests & there are institution drug tests. Not all are publicized equally, not all are punished equally. My former D1 athlete hubby can tell some stories ab failed drug tests at SEC schools that'll make your head spin.

  7. Oh yeah? That was Georgia ganja, unlike Jenkins who was using Florida ganja wit da big chrystals and da red hairs.

  8. Thanks for the info on substance abuse. I failed to realize it was Figgins second when they were both suspended.

    Oh, I know well the stories about failed drug tests of athletes. However, whatever faults you find with Coach Richt and Georgia athletics, not dealing fairly and consistently with players failing drug tests isn't one of them.