Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Look, I'm not going to engage in their cheatin' or other conspiracy talk regarding Kevin Ware's decision to head to that basketball hotbed that is UCF.  Head-scratching decision to go to UCF. 

If he goes to Louisville, I get that.  I might not like it I'd hate it, but I get that.  The Cardinal plays in the Big OMG!1! East, on International TV every night. They are coached by the guy that the Most Interesting Man in the World wishes he could hang with.  A guy with rings and game to talk women into a tryst in a restaurant booth after closing time 30 minutes after meeting her and access to all the finest cloth from Italy. 

But UCF? 

Part of me wants to panic and say the Fox regime isn't gaining the kind of recruiting momentum it should.  We made the NCAA tourney.  We won big games.  We have scheduled ambitiously.  We are nearly there in making Stegeman a great basketball venue.  Yet we lost two of our biggest targets in Julian Royal, to a Georgia Tech team that is in extreme flux and Ware, to C-USA also ran Central Florida, a program that has only five sell outs in their five year old 9500 seat arena.

The other part of me just wonders what is going on.  Ware's comments about 'playing right away and connection with the coaches' makes me wonder what is going on.  This is the type of player Georgia should win on more often than not.  Honestly, I hope some further information comes along to give me hope that the not makes more sense than it does right now.


  1. A UCF fan commented on Dawg Sports that Ware's bio father lives near Orlando. So that's something.

  2. Apparently, Ware's father lives in Orlando. He also spurned UCLA. But I am getting concerned about recruiting. How much more time do we have to close this class?

  3. Fair question. On one hand, there are still some decent gets out there, but only one is on the radar screen (Guest). On the other, there could be guys who are way under the radar screen that we could bring in that haven't signed anywhere yet (think Ajayi in NC who only has two major conference offers from Wake and Auburn).

    Overall, I am bearish on the class as a whole unless something weird happens. I hope I am wrong.