Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Final Thoughts on the NCAA Tourney

Final thoughts on the NCAA tourney:
  • Congrats to UCon.
  • Congrats to Butler.  You can make Buffalo Bills references all you want.  Fact of the matter is that Butler, a school that focuses on graduating students, a school that plays D1-AA football, a school that has only 4,000 students, a school that is at best the third 'best' program in their state was in the national championship game in back to back years.  Florida was the last team to do that.
  • Somewhere, Butler just missed another shot.
  • I am squarely non-playoff for football, but this is such fun.  What a way to launch the sports season (NCAA tourney, into baseball opening, Masters and spring football). 
  • Brad Stevens is such a class act. He has gotten out coached for just 20 minutes in the past two NCAA tournaments: the 2nd half last night.  Yeah, the basketball Gods just slapped the Bulldogs around, but give Jim Calhoun credit for making the adjustments in the 2nd half that Stevens didn't.
  • Got to give VCU props. They out hustled and out played teams that were much better and much more talented.  That Shaka Smart is a heck of a coach and his team feeds on that so much.
  • The pre-, post-, and halftime analysis was nearly unwatchable.  Charles Barkley seemed unenthusiastic, and that was when he was at his best.  Kenny Smith is an idiot who either picked UNC (his alma mater) for his best of list or Duke for his worst of list.  Put Gumble, Seth Davis and Greg Anthony on there and be done with it.
  • Drink, because you know Kenny Smith just fellated UNC. 
  • It might sound like sour grapes, and maybe it is, but I predict this ends up never happening. 
Hey, y'all.  The Masters tees off in two days.

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