Saturday, April 30, 2011


I have to admit, I am baffled at Georgia's fan base right now.  For ten years, we've been complaining that Coach Richt needs to show emotion or stop being such a nice guy.  Well, he is showing that he has both of those tools in his shed now, yet we aren't happy with it.

Either we are fixating on him talking about his years coaching or that getting mad at Bulldog club events isn't the right place for him to direct his anger.

When did we become those fans?  The purpose of this isn't to defend Mark Richt, although I feel for the guy.  Any comment from him that indicates he knows more than us and we start railing on him for talking about being in the arena.  For some reason, we think he has no right to mention his life's work any time his ability to do what he does for a living is questioned by someone who's life's work is something other than coaching college football. 

You know what?  He does know more than us and has the wins to prove it.  That might not be a popular position to take, but that is a fact.  Now, I fully agree that his teams have slipped the past few years.  I also think that is a result of his leadership, something he has recently acknowledged at the Bulldog Club meetings.  We as fans have the right to grouse and be unhappy.  It is unrealistic for us to expect Mark Richt or anyone else to go night after night hearing how bad he is doing his job, then expect him to take it, then expect him to say some stock coach speak for us to get pissed that he is just using stock coach speak.

He should be held accountable for how his team performs on the field, and I believe he is accepting that responsibility based on recent events.  He is showing emotion about it; when is the last time you have seen a public quote with him cussing twice in two sentences?  Now we find fault in him getting frustrated at answering the same question he has been answering for five months because 'he aught to be that mad at Florida/opposing coaches'?  Give me a break.

I don't know if this new, edgy Mark Richt will change anything.  I sincerely hope it does.  I also don't think we as fans have to be openly and blindly supportive of all he does.  I do think we need to be a bit less willing to openly deride him for single thing the man does, especially when we have been calling on him to be exactly who he is being now for the majority of his tenure in Athens. 

It was heartening to read Corbindawg's write up of the Macon meeting, especially reading about the crowd's ovation for very comments that I have seen others take him to task for.  I was happy to see him call out Ealey for something that has been one of Ealey's issues his entire career at Georgia in Augusta.  This is one good sign of a new approach, in my opinion.  Hopefully, the new approach pays off.


  1. I have been calling for performance metrics on the head coaching job for years...not just Richt, any head coach and subordinate for that matter. How can you pay a man $3 million plus a year and not have any clear performance metrics that are measurable? This is the highest paying state job!
    Greg McGarity's only stipulation that is close to a "metric" is that Georgia be "in the hunt". Hardly a metric unless you go 6-7 and lose the bowl game.
    For the Dawg Nation's sake hold these guys accountable like everyone else working for the state.
    If Mark Richt were at LSU,Alabama or Florida he would be gone!
    What about the Dawg Nation's pride, integrity and character?

  2. Today Sir, I relinquish my name to you. Not one thing do I disagree with that you wrote. And the extra set you used to pen all the necessary words were needed in criticism of part of our fan blogs.Some have gotten puffed such that they would excuse their high-schoolish coaching remarks aimed at the ability of a 10-yr SEC coach to coach.

    None of us know the differing circumstances that any SEC coach uses for each and every decision on the field: Which guy showed best in practice this week; What play does our offense run best against this defense; Who has been squeezing best between those small gaps permitted by the opposing defense; etc, ad nauseum.None of us. This week I've read pure slop from some who would blame the coach for a player's childish attitude and refusal to play his best. Some are as insensitive about our own coach as those(other school/s) that criticized him for the robbery two weeks ago.

    The unpopularity of your remarks are no doubt perceived from a couple of yesterday's popular article writers, but you stayed the course by relating to other remarks. Kudos to you and Corbin Dawg for callin' it right in the face of some large egotists who bastardize the word "fan" to political extremes. An ardent admirer and enthusiast will get criticized for displaying such attributes, so duck. But you did the righteous and gutsy call.

    Kudos. It ain't easy to criticize the negativity in a fan base.

  3. Hey, first Anonymous. You want Georgia coaches to be "held accountable like everyone else working for the state". Does that mean he can lean on his shovel all day or sleep at his desk without being fired? I rally like CMR. Lets give him that perk!

  4. We are going on 7+ years of not a single SECCG appearance. That is not acceptable...PERIOD.

    If it becomes 8 and 9 years, I would love to hear an explanation as to why...

    My god we have sunk as a fan base in terms of expectations.

  5. It has been five years. I agree it isn't acceptable. I also think we, as a fan base are acting like a bunch of petulant children. We find reasons to throw our suckers in the dirt any time we think anyone from the program isn't doing what WE subjectively think they should be doing.

    I honestly don't know if Coach Richt survives this season. I personally hope he does, bit think we need to win 9 and be competitive in the rest, or beat SC, Fla, Tenn, and Tech badly. Of course, we could beat those four badly, win 12, and some parts of the fan base would find reason to gripe about how we won.

    Which was my point in the first place.

  6. Exactly, BIE. Our fans forget that for 20 years, UGA football was third fiddle in the East, distantly behind Florida and Tennessee.

    Right or wrong, Mark Richt is "on the hot seat" becuase of the higher standards he set for the program. We tolerated 5 years of Jim Donnan and 7 years of Ray Goff, yet we can't tolerate 2 years of being down for Mark Richt.


  7. I, for one, was glad to see Richt put the idiot in his place. He has no right to talk to the coach like that. If anything, as usual, Richt was too nice.