Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Class, Inc.

Anyone watching The Masters Sunday saw a 21 year old act very 21 year oldish.  As Rory McIlroy finished his back swing on the tee box at the 10th, his lead in the tournament was bouncing between two cabins way left never to be found again.  It was in his head.

You couldn't help but to feel for the kid.  After all, this is The tournament, even for a kid from Northern Ireland.  If you have ever stood on a tee box with anything more substantive than pride, or pride, if you are pretty prideful, at stake, you know what he was going through.  He hit a shot I have personally hit plenty of times.

However, after the tournament, he didn't handle himself very 21 year oldish.  At all.  He stood like a man, answered all the questions sent his way.  He did so with grace and maturity that will sustain him in years to come. 

One picture says it all.

Openly scammed from NBCsports.com
Happy for the guy that didn't fold up.  He may never get this close to Sunday glory at Augusta again, but he sure did say a lot about who he is and what he is made of with his actions after it all fell apart.

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