Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cheaters, Inc.

Just a quick note about the other NCAA semi-final: officially, it will probably never happen.  For UK, it is Calipari.  He has never officially taken a team to the Final Four, having both his prior trips vacated.   For UCon,  Calhoun has already been suspended for the Akron, Youngstown State and Miami (or whatever) games next year, so don't be surprised if more comes out.

In all seriousness, the winner of the other match-up will be the prohibitive favorite on Monday, but with the exception of their partisans and those with skin in the game, will be universally rooted against. 

Here's hoping they play about an ugly seven overtime game with both coaches getting booted out.  That'd be fun.


  1. Calipari was asked yesterday what it was like coaching in his first Final Four. Heh. Wish I could have seen that.

  2. For a Dawg blogger, you are devoting too much time thinking and writing about other schools. Now, if you are doing it because of your wife, that'a OK.